Global Hive

What The Bee Crisis Teaches Us About Building a Sustainable World

Horst Kornberger


Quick Look

  • A thorough and compelling examination of the current bee crisis -- a hot button ecological issue
  • Kornberger uses bees as a vehicle to explore wider social and ecological issues and to challenge the established scientific world view
  • Demonstrates how the worldwide threat of the bee crisis can become a global opportunity for building a better world

This thought-provoking treatise explores the lack of joined-up thinking in our society, through the lens of the bee crisis and encourages us to think about how, through our own choices, we can build a more sustainable world

Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World
204 pages
Publication date:
16 May 2019


In a world all too familiar with environmental disasters, Horst Kornberger argues that the bee crisis is a more significant problem than deforestation, pollution and global warming put together, as it points to the causes behind all these.

Global Hive is a rallying cry for a new understanding of world ecology. More than a study of bees, this book offers both an entirely new way of thinking about the bee crisis and its causes, and a way to use the crisis to explore wider social and ecological issues.

Kornberger challenges the dominant scientific worldview that reduces everything to minute detail and fails to see the larger holistic picture. He argues that we urgently need to start thinking about ecology in a different way -- by developing a new science which draws on empathy and imagination -- if we want to mend our relationship with the natural world. From this perspective, the worldwide threat of the bee crisis becomes a starting point for global change.

Global Hive is a thought-provoking treatise on what colony collapse teaches us about our society, our choices and how we can build a more sustainable world.

Table of Contents


1 From Beuys to Bees
2 Honey Hunt
3 Domestication and What it Means
4 The Bee in All Bees
5 The Caged Queen
6 Enter: Varroa Destructor
7 Mites and Their Mission
8 Microscope and Mind
9 Mating Machinery
10 The Logic of Destruction
11 Macroscope
12 Goethe: The Apprentice of Nature
13 Compassionate Ecology
14 From Conscience to Compassion
15 Global Empathy
16 Beehive Metaphors
17 Bee Frames and Mind Frames
18 The Choreography of Care
19 Swarming Paradigms
20 Compassion Collapse Disorder
21 Imaginal Literacy
22 Global Hive
23 Ecolibrium
24 The Honey Doctrine

About the Author


Horst Kornberger was born in Austria in 1959. He is a poet, artist, writer and lecturer. He has taught at the Rudolf Steiner College in California and now lives in Western Australia. He is the founder of the School of Integral Art where he pioneers creative, biographical and story writing. He is the author of The Power of Stories: Nurturing Children's Imagination and Consciousness.

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