Biodynamic Gardening

For Health and Taste

Hilary Wright

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A colour illustrated introduction to everything a beginner needs to know about biodynamics. A perfect present.

253 x 201 mm
Floris Books
Biodynamics & Organics
colour photographs
144 pages
Publication date:
26 Mar 2009


Any gardener who already works with biodynamics will tell you the difference it has made to his or her garden. From crispier lettuce to more intensely-flavoured onions, biodynamics is a great way to get your garden to produce tasty, nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables.

The ideas behind biodynamics can sometimes be difficult to explain, however, and appear rather strange to those who are new to the technique. Hilary Wright, an experienced and passionate biodynamic gardener, guides the novice through the key points, whilst never losing sight of the ultimate goal: a healthy, abundant garden.

Easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations, explanatory diagrams and colour photographs show how biodynamic techniques can work for any gardener.


'This book is a marvellous find! I've been curious about biodynamics for years, but have felt overwhelmed by all the theory and thus have lacked the courage to pursue it. Ms. Wright's easy to understand explanations and step by step instructions have given me the kick in the pants I've needed to finally jump in and give biodynamic gardening a try!'
-- customer review

'Such a beautifully produced book, it is a visual delight and the text amply matched that standard. Biodynamics is a step further than organics and is the very antithesis of intensive chemical agriculture. Hilary Wright explains how pesticides have denuded our soil, seeds and plants and how we can all apply the tenets of biodynamics in our back gardens and reap the flavour, nutrition and sense of fulfillment for ourselves. Fascinating stuff that has me totally enthused!'
-- customer review

'Biodynamic gardening brings the relationship we have with the earth full circle. Even if you are a novice gardener this book will show you how to take the first steps in making your own garden biodynamic, for abundant, nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables with a taste so often missing in shop produce. An excellent, practical guide.'
-- Lifescape magazine

'This book is as much a remedy for a world as for a garden. Hilary Wright's animated defence, a re-evaluation of human-world relations extending through elements, plants and animals, is a holistic, immersed view of nature ... Every other page carries images generously, prints, paintings, photographs and drawings all used for illustration, all seductively rich in colour, form and textures ... The book has a openness and attractiveness which will persuade many enquirers to try new organic practices. It is a very welcome defence of holistic, caring practice: it brings together primary sustenance, aesthetic life, ethical concern and a kind of close observation in which we find delight.'
-- Allan Harkness, Border Life

'This is a very good and accessible introduction to biodynamic gardening ... the book is sensitively written as both an inner and outer journey where the reader is invited to quieten the mind and develop inner sense organs of perception for the practical gardening work ... this is definitely a book to recommend to biodynamic gardeners.'
--Richard Swann, Star and Furrow (Journal of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association)

'A beautifully illustrated book outlining the principles and practice of biodynamic gardening ... There is much practical advice about composting, pest control, cooking and preparation of dynamised fertilisers involving the meditative activity of stirring for an hour.'
--Science and Medical Network Review, Spring 2009

'This book includes history, theory and practical advice to guide you through creating and maintaining a biodynamic garden.'
--Rhubard (Local Action on Food), Summer 2009


Hilary Wright is an award-winning author and broadcaster who has written on food and wine for the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday and Decanter, and has broadcast on BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme. Her previous books include Buying Wine in France and The Great Organic Wine Guide. She is an experienced biodynamic gardener, who feels passionately that biodynamic techniques have made a difference in her garden.

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