The Christian Creed

A Meditative Path

Hans-Werner Schroeder; Translated by James Hindes

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A guide to the unique Creed of the Christian Community, explained as a transforming spiritual path.

Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
112 pages
Publication date:
26 Feb 2009


In the Eucharist service of the Christian Community, the Act of the Consecration of Man, a new form of the Creed is read. Paradoxically, it does not begin with 'I believe,' but rather is something which can become a source of faith through understanding.

Hans-Werner Schroeder takes us step by step through the Creed, explaining it as a spiritual path which can truly transform us. This is an essential book for members of the Christian Community, and will also be of interest to all those searching for spiritual foundations.


Hans-Werner Schroeder (1931-2016) was a priest of the Christian Community. He taught at the seminary in Stuttgart and was the author of The Cosmic Christ, Necessary Evil, The Trinity and The Healing Power of Prayer (all Floris Books).

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