A Guide for Making Personal Choices

Hans-Peter Studer; Edited by Geoffrey Douch; Translated by Matthew Barton

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Offers clear information about vaccinations, including danger levels of various diseases, possible benefits, and how vaccinations actually work.

Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
96 pages
Publication date:
30 Apr 2014


While many parents are happy to follow official recommendations about vaccination, others avoid any vaccination for their children.

This little guide will help parents come to their own informed decision based on clear information. It explains the different danger levels of various diseases, which are sometimes related to age. It also informs readers about the way different vaccinations work, and explores their benefits as well as potential risks.

This ebook is based on the second print edition which was fully revised and updated with the latest guidelines and recommendations.


'By giving unbiased recommendations and considerations for each vaccine or combination of vaccines, this book will leave parents feeling empowered when it comes to making their own decisions, often flying in the face of conventional medicine and expectations.'
-- Juno, Summer 2010

'Coherent and intelligent. This book is a veritable gem of fact, thoughtful discussion and suggestions of possible variations depending upon the child's circumstances. This is the best type of publication I have read on this subject, as it is factually accurate and unbiased. I would certainly recommend it.'
-- Sandra Goodman PhD, Positive Health, October 2004

'The book contains the complete UK childhood vaccination schedule describing the illness, the vaccine, failure and side effects, then a section on recommendations and considerations. An excellent book for parents making vaccination decisions.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, January 2005

'Offers differentiated, critical summaries of the arguments surrounding vaccination. Cautions against making a choice based on fear and encourages parents to take the time to find out all the information they need before being rushed into a decision.'
-- The Green Parent, December 2004


Dr Hans-Peter Studer is the editor of Bisch Zwäg, a health magazine in Switzerland.

Dr Geoffrey Douch is a general practitioner specializing in anthroposophical medicine. He has worked part-time at the Raphael Centre, an anthroposophical clinic as well as having his own practice in Sussex. His special interests are cancer treatment and paediatrics.

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