In Resonance with Nature

Holistic Healing for Plants and Land

Hans Andeweg; Translated by Marlon Vermaas

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Shows how natural energy can be harnessed to restore and heal our damaged land.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World
illustrations and diagrams
288 pages
Publication date:
24 Sep 2009


Around the world, as well as close to home, much of our land is in crisis. Harmful pollutants have left plants, soil, fields and forests seriously damaged, and our future on this planet in the balance.

This timely book examines a number of theories of natural energy, and presents practical techniques for diagnosing and healing plants and land, including the use of vibrations. A variety of projects conducted by Hans Andeweg have proved his methods to be remarkably successful in improving the vitality of treated areas, including forests, estates and gardens. Through progressive exercises the author demonstrates how you can start your own healing projects, even on the smallest scale.

He also looks at what it means to have 'green fingers', and the remarkable influence of our own attitudes towards plants and trees.

This is an important book about how we, for good or ill, affect the natural world and what we can do to repair the damage that is all too evident around us.


'This is definitely a book for tree huggers!'
-- Terry Goodfellow New View Winter 2009

'This book summarises the work ofa Dutch biologist in restoring the vitality of habitats through what he calls eco-therapy…those interested in healing the landscape will find much practical advice'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review 2009/10

'Approaching this subject from a background in anthroposophy combined with biodynamic farming, this title provides evidence of, arguments about and solutions to the planet's problems'
-- The Environmentalist, April 2010


Hans Andeweg is a Dutch biologist with a background in anthroposophy and biodynamic farming, among other disciplines. He was head of the department of agriculture of the Louis Bolk Institute in Driebergen. After teaching courses in Resonance Therapy to organic and biodynamic farmers, he helped to found the International Centre for Ecotherapy in Marl, Germany.

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