To Eat with Grace

A Selection of Essays from Orion Magazine

Edited by H. Emerson Blake; Foreword by Darra Goldstein

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  • A series of essays discussing our spiritual relationship with food
  • Explores the connections we experience through food and eating
  • Foreword by Darra Goldstein

Explores the connections we experience through food and eating -- with each other, with ourselves, and with the earth.

214 x 138 mm
Philosophy of Human Life;
108 pages
Publication date:
19 Jan 2017


What does it mean to 'eat with grace'? This is the question that the writers of these collected essays and poems attempt to answer. Whilst they arrive at different conclusions, they all discuss the idea of connection, whether that is with each other, with our inner selves, or with the earth that sustains us.

Whether foraging, baking or gardening, digging their hands into the soil of their backyards or being seduced by the exotic fruits of a far-off place, these writers praise the sensuous and spiritual ways that our food can nourish us. As Darra Goldstein writes in her Foreword, "When we eat good food, we smell and taste the earth, and thereby reconnect with it: this is what it means to eat with grace."

Table of Contents

Foreword: Darra Goldstein
Bread Ode: Laurie Kutchins
Coming Home to Eat: Gary Paul Nabhan
On Cold-Weather Vegetables: Katrina Vandenberg
Come, Aristotle: Maxine Kumin
In Case of a Famine: Tamara Dean
Acorn Bread: Joni Tevis
The Pepper Kingdom: Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Stalking the Vegetannual: Barbara Kingsolver
To Eat with Grace: Tamar Adler
Sheep's Cheese: Jane Hirschfield
No Two Alike: Barbara L. Baer
Apricot: Deborah Slicer
The Honeybee's Metaphor: Allison Wallace
Sugaring: Robin MacArthur


H. Emerson ('Chip') Blake is an ecologist who has been editor-in-chief of Orion Magazine since 2005. Previously editor of Milkweed Editions, his work has been recognised by many awards, including the PEN Literary Award and the New York Times Notable Books of the Year. In 2016 he received an honorary doctorate in Environmental Sciences from the State University of New York. Originally from Philadelphia, he lives in Housatonic, Massachusetts, US.

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