Foundations of Anthroposophical Medicine

A Training Manual

Edited by Guus van der Bie and Machteld Huber; Translated by Jan Kees Saltet

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A comprehensive textbook for doctors undertaking courses in anthroposophical medicine.

234 x 154 mm
Floris Books
Holistic Health
50 diagrams and tables
320 pages
Publication date:
15 Dec 2003


A comprehensive textbook for doctors undertaking courses in anthroposophical medicine.

It includes chapters on the philosophical foundations of anthroposophical medicine; developing dynamic perception; polarities; metamorphosis; working with the texts of Rudolf Steiner; and the anthropsophical path of inner development.

Table of Contents

1. The Art and Science of Medicine -- Anton Dekkers
2. A Philosophical Foundation of Anthroposophical Medicine -- Erik Baars
3. Developing Dynamic Perception -- Guus van der Bie
4. Dynamic Morphology and Embryology -- Jaap van der Wal
5. Polarities: Projective Geometry -- Ferdie Amons
6. Metamorphosis: Essence and Manifestation -- Guus van der Bie
7. Observing Nature and Studying the Elements -- Guus van der Bie
8a. The Anthroposophical View of the Human Being -- Arie Bos
8b. Pathology and Therapy -- Guus van der Bie
9. Working with the Texts of Rudolf Steiner -- Anton Dekkers
10. The Anthroposophical Path of Inner Development -- Marion van Bree, Guus van der Bie, Machteld Huber


Dr Guus van der Bie is an anthroposophical GP in Holland. Previously a university teacher, he works part-time with Goethean Science at the Louis Bolk Instituut, teaching and writing for doctors and students.

Dr Machteld Huber is working in research on nutritional quality and health at the Louis Bolk Instituut in Holland. For the last ten years she has also taught at and coordinated the Dutch Anthroposophical Seminar for doctors.

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