Biographical Work

The Anthroposophical Basis

Gudrun Burkhard; Translated by Cristina D'Agostino

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Burkhard presents her unique methodology and insights into successful biographical counselling, based on seven-year periods in an individual's life.

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Holistic Health
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208 pages
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26 Apr 2007


An individual's life-story, or biography, can be explored to great effect by counsellors and therapists. Gudrun Burkhard, an experienced anthroposophical physician, has studied human biography for many years and counselled many individuals. This book presents her unique methodology and her insights into successful biographical counselling.

She describes the steps that practitioners should follow, which are based around seven-year cycles in an individual's life. She pays particular attention to the period of the twenties and early thirties. The book includes an analysis of Charlie Chaplin's biography that reveals fascinating insights about the man.


'While it is accessible to those new to this area ... the entire book might be seen as an inspirational resource for all who have an interest in biography work ... The book is for multiple reading and iterated study, as if dipping into a well and drawing lively inspiration out of Steiner's texts, facilitated by someone fully conversant with their meaning and application ... It brims with resources and depth of insight, and glows throughout with an inspiration that makes it well worth the effort of reading and leads the reader to a significant reappreciation of the value of, and possibilities within, human encounter.'
-- Midge Whitelegg, New View, Summer 2007


Gudrun Burkhard (1929-2022) was a physician and therapist. She was a co-founder of the Tobias Clinic and Artemisia, in São Paulo, Brazil which runs courses in biography work. She lectured around the world and is the author of Taking Charge: Your Life Patterns and Their Meaning (Floris Books).

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