The Return of Merlin

Star Lore and the Patterns of History

Gordon Strachan

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Looks at the two Merlin traditions and discovers that Merlin figures such as Gandalf and Dumbledore return every 700 years.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
50 b/w illustrations and diagrams
176 pages
Publication date:
25 May 2006


The figure of Merlin has seen a revival in recent years, especially in the form of cultural icons such as Obi wan Kenobi, Gandalf and Dumbledore.

This fascinating new book looks at the two main Merlin traditions: the cosmic Merlin of the stars, part of the Arthurian legends; and the earthly Merlin of nature, grounded in human history. Gordon Strachan, author of Jesus the Master Builder, takes us on a compelling journey through Merlin's stories.

He discovers a remarkable pattern: Merlin-esque characters, and events relating to Merlin, reappear throughout British history in roughly 700-year cycles. He considers where else in history we can see this pattern emerging, and challenges readers to find their own links to history based on their birth dates.


'In this interesting book the Rev. Strachan explores the legend of Merlin and his two aspects as a stellar figure and the earthly character grounded in history.'
--The Cauldron, November 2006

'Full of fascinating historical and astrological detail.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review, Summer 2006

'For anyone who understands astrological charts this would be a fascinating thesis … I was certainly intrigued by this book.'
--Inner Light, Spring 2007.

'There are two ways you can take this book: neat, complete with astrological drawings or as a beverage, warm and tasty, a quasi-historical wrap around of whimsies, legends, wisps of history to cheer and entertain.'
--New Vision


Gordon Strachan (1934-2010) was a lecturer, church minister and independent thinker. He is the author of six books: The Pentecostal Theology of Edward Irving; Christ and the Cosmos (later republished as The Bible's Hidden Cosmology); Jesus the Master Builder; Chartres: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space; The Return of Merlin; and Prophets of Nature.


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