The Bible's Hidden Cosmology

Gordon Strachan

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Strachan explores ancient cosmology to reveal a new understanding of the Bible. Uses the disciplines of music theory, astronomy-astrology, numerology and sacred geometry. Explains some of the key ideas behind The Da Vinci Code.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Astrology & Cosmology; Mind, Body, Spirit
35 b/w illustrations
208 pages
Publication date:
24 Mar 2005
2nd edition


Gordon Strachan, author of Jesus the Master Builder and Chartres: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space, here turns back to the roots of biblical wisdom.

Patterns appear again and again throughout the Bible, influencing festivals and belief systems, but what are they based on? Are they incidental or deliberate?

By returning to the principles of ancient cosmology, that is, how the biblical writers viewed the universe, Gordon Strachan reveals a new understanding of the Bible. He uses the disciplines of music theory, astronomy-astrology, numerology and sacred geometry to uncover hidden wisdom and allow the ancient secrets of the Bible to shine through.

This book is a compelling whirlwind through the imagery and metaphor inherent in the Bible. It pre-empts and explains some of the fundamental ideas behind The Da Vinci Code and gives the reader a deeper understanding of ancient wisdom traditions and a new respect for the implicit coding of the Bible.


'Gordon Strachan is a remarkable man. He has tackled the fascinating yet contentious theme of astrology in the Bible. He argues persuasively that millennialists has misinterpreted their Greek biblical texts ... if the author's painstaking research can help the world avoid an unncessarily destructive Armageddon, he will have rendered great service. This is an important book, written with both style and authority.'
-- Roger Shorter, Light magazine, Summer 2006

'Gordon Strachan's book offers a different, reassuring vision. If you are in any way worried by the deep shadows cast over our times, read it, whether you have any prior regard for Christian understandings or not, for he shows us reasons for hope.'
-- Clement Jewitt, Music and Psyche, Autumn 2005

'An unusual and intriguing book. Those who are interested in astronomy-astrology, music theory, numerology and sacred geometry, and the application of these to the interpretation of Biblical events, will be fascinated.'
-- Christian Parapsychologist, September 2005

'Strachan brings his very considerable inter-disciplinary knowledge to bear on the cosmology underlying the Book of Revelation [...] -- all this makes for a compelling read.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, Summer 2005

'This book will be read for its ideas, which come from an extraordinarily creative mind and a deep biblical knowledge. This is a book for enquiring minds.'
-- Michael Bracewell, New View, Summer 2005

'What is striking about Strachan's investigations is his belief that the Church has lost sight of a religion that takes creation and the cosmos seriously. Strachan's approach to religion is intuitive, fundamentally at odds with the Enlightenment tradition. He knows that, as a minister of religion, he walks on thin ice, but that never stopped a brave explorer.'
-- Laurence Wareing, The Herald, 9 April 2005

'Gordon Strachan, as ever, presents us with a challenging and intriguing book. The end of the world will never look quite the same again.'
-- Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Talisman

'This is not only a very worthwhile but a timely and refreshingly courageous view of the important aspects of the Christian tradition which unfortunately have been neglected for centuries.'
-- Keith Critchlow, author of Order in Space


Gordon Strachan (1934-2010) was a lecturer, church minister and independent thinker. He is the author of six books: The Pentecostal Theology of Edward Irving; Christ and the Cosmos (later republished as The Bible's Hidden Cosmology); Jesus the Master Builder; Chartres: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space; The Return of Merlin; and Prophets of Nature.

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