Jonathan and the Tree

Gilad Goldschmidt; Illustrated by Esther Aivel; Translated by Sharon Ivri

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  • Charming and insightful story book for six to ten year olds
  • Addresses significant issues of friendship and love, loss and loneliness, in a way that is accessible to children
  • Gentle, soft illustrations

A charming story book about the deep friendship between a little boy and a tree. It addresses issues of love, loss, loneliness and friendship.

250 x 173 mm
Waldorf Publications
Picture Books; Waldorf Publications
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 6 to 10 years
60 pages
Publication date:
18 Aug 2016


"Today, the mulberry tree spoke to me," said Jonathan at dinner, in a moment of quiet. His mother looked at him strangely, and his father coughed. His sister laughed out loud.
"Really, really," said Jonathan, his eyes filling with tears.

Jonathan is a quiet little boy. He loves to dream and play by himself, and feels that the other children at kindergarten don't like him. One day, the mulberry tree in his back garden starts to talk to him. It tells him what the weather is going to be, and warns him of a fire. Their friendship deepens.

But as Jonathan grows up, will he still remember the tree?

This is a charming story book about love, loss, loneliness and friendship, and about how children can connect to places in ways that adults cannot.


'a touching story of a boy and his friendship with a tree. It gives pictures of life's changes and challenges and the power of friendship to heal. The beautiful illustrations carry the story straight to the heart and encourage the imagination.'
-- Kindling


Gilad Goldschmidt was born in 1962 and was raised at Kibbutz Revivim in Israel. In 1982 he co-founded Kibbutz Harduf, the first anthroposophical community in Israel, including the first Waldorf school. He was the head teacher at the Harduf Waldorf School for fifteen years and still teaches history and biblical studies. He is Chair of the Association for Waldorf Education in Israel.

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