The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Gerda Muller

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  • A beautiful interpretation of the story that inspired Disney’s Fantasia
  • Lovingly illustrated in exquisite detail, breathing new magic into the classic tale
  • From renowned artist Gerda Muller, creator of the award-winning A Year in Our New Garden

A delicately illustrated, unique retelling of the story that inspired Disney's Fantasia. Can Oliver stop his enchanted brooms getting out of control?

278 x 296 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
24 pages
Publication date:
20 Feb 2020


When poor orphan boy Oliver becomes a sorcerer's apprentice, he enters an incredible new world. He learns wonderful magic spells, the secrets of nature, and how to make healing potions and oils from his kindly new master.

But one day the sorcerer goes on a journey. Bored with his endless chores, Oliver enchants some brooms to do the work for him. But when the spell gets out of control, how can Oliver stop the magic?

This classic tale about the importance of hard work was the inspiration for Disney's
Fantasia. This beautifully illustrated edition is the creation of renowned artist Gerda Muller, creator of USBBY-honoured A Year in Our New Garden.


'This fun book tells the story of a mischievous boy. The illustrations are beautifully sketched, and they show exactly how I would picture a sorcerer's home. I love the hidden animals in the book. The Sorcerer's Apprentice has a great lesson in it for all readers.'
-- Liam, Aged 8, for Kid's Book Buzz

'A handsomely illustrated retelling of the classic cautionary tale, brooms and all. Muller fleshes out Goethe's sketchy ballad so that it follows the familiar course of Mickey Mouse's adventure in Disney's Fantasia but with a named and all-human cast… Dress and details in these finely detailed illustrations set the tale in a small, tidy, seemingly all-White Renaissance-era European village… A skeleton coat rack is just one of several humorous visual touches, and a climactic elevated view of villagers sloshing and playing in the muddy street has a festive Bruegel-esque air… Art that repays second looks.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Gerda Muller:

'An exquisite work of art with a timeless quality... This is a must for all libraries and schools.'
-- Carousel on A Year Around the Great Oak

'The beautifully detailed paintings invite close inspection as the seasons change.'
-- School Library Journal on A Year In Our New Garden

‘Gerda Muller’s enchanting illustrations, filled with details, will keep little readers engaged.’
-- San Francisco Book Review

‘Exquisite in beauty and detail.’
-- Youth Services Book Review


Gerda Muller is an acclaimed Dutch children’s author and illustrator. Born in 1926 in Naarden, Netherlands, Gerda studied at the Fine Arts School of Amsterdam and L'École Estienne of Paris and has lived in France for over 70 years. Gerda's greatest inspiration is her love of nature and her picture books are treasured for their vibrant and detailed illustrations of the natural world. Gerda has illustrated over 120 books for children many of which have been translated into multiple languages. She is the creator of The Wildwood Elves, The Town Musicians of Bremen, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the wordless Seasons board books, Where Do They Go When It Rains?, A Year Around the Great Oak, and A Year in Our New Garden, a USBBY Outstanding International Book.

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