Six Lives of Fankle the Cat

George Mackay Brown

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Fankle tells Jenny the stories of his different lives with pirates, in ancient Egypt and even with the Empress of China.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
128 pages
Publication date:
15 Nov 2012
Kelpies Classics
3rd edition


When the shopkeeper gives Jenny a skinny, black kitten she has no idea who she has adopted. Fankle is no ordinary cat. The fiercely clever feline has lived six lives so far: lives of adventure, danger, fortune and poverty. He's stared down angry pirates, started a blood feud, won a war, advised an empress and leapt onto the moon.

Fankle tells Jenny tales of his former lives -- with the king of pirates, in ancient Egypt and even with the Empress of China. So what is he doing living in a crofter's cottage in Orkney?

This classic novel by George Mackay Brown is a rich and rewarding read for adults and children alike.


'Reading this book is pure joy.'
-- The Scotsman

'A book to be read aloud and enjoyed by adults and children alike.'
-- Shelf Life

'Mackay Brown modulates the mood delicately -- amusing, roistering, and touching.'
-- Treasure Island: A guide to Scottish fiction for young readers aged 10-14


George Mackay Brown (1921-96) was a poet, novelist and dramatist, who spent his life living in and documenting the Orkney Isles. He found inspiration from the culture, land and oral tradition of the islands. He published almost 50 works including the novel Greenvoe and poetry collection The Storm. Six Lives of Fankle the Cat is one of three books he wrote for children.


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Download or print a free Teacher's Guide for this book:
Six Lives of Fankle the Cat Teacher's Guide (PDF; 48K)

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