From Normal to Healthy

Paths to the Liberation of Consciousness

Georg Kühlewind; Translated by Michael Lipson

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  • A helpful guide to enable readers to follow a series exercises based on the Eightfold Path of the Buddha and the spiritual exercises of Rudolf Steiner
  • Reveals the benefits of actively engaging with our inner consciousness to journey towards a more joyful and richer life

A practical guide to a series of spiritual exercises to help readers actively engage with their consciousness and embark on a journey to inner development.

229 x 152 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
240 pages
Publication date:
12 Jan 2023


"Our central problem is that we do not know what or who a human being really is. We lack this knowledge because we have no valid picture of the human WORD." – from the Foreword

How much time do we devote to the general art of being human? This practical guide is both a spiritual psychology and a contemporary manual of the inner life. From Normal to Healthy highlights the constricted nature of today's consciousness and describes the importance and value of taking time to become aware of our consciousness and to actively engage with it.

Georg Kühlewind highlights how readers can expand their inner selves by practicing a series of exercises, based on the Eightfold Path of the Buddha and the cognitive spiritual path of Rudolf Steiner. He outlines these exercises and explains that by actively engaging with them it is possible to journey towards a life which is more active, thoughtful and happy.


Georg Kühlewind (1924-2006) was a Hungarian philosopher and teacher who was inspired by Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science. He was the author of numerous books and lectured around the world.

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