The Spirit of Trees

Science, Symbiosis and Inspiration

Fred Hageneder

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A holistic appraisal of 24 of the most common, best-loved trees of Europe and North America, presented with stunningly beautiful paintings, drawings and photographs.

240 x 170 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World
50 colour and 50 b/w illustrations and diagrams
224 pages
Publication date:
27 Apr 2006
2nd edition


Trees are one of Earth’s oldest life forms; silent witnesses to human evolution and the passing of time. Many people today are unaware of their significance in Earth’s ecology, their medicinal and nutritional properties, or the veneration bestowed on them by ancient peoples.

This book captures all these elements in an inspiring holistic appraisal. Hageneder looks in detail at 24 of Europe and North America's best-loved trees: their physical characteristics, their healing powers, the traditions associated with them and how they have inspired human beings through the ages.

Beautifully illustrated in colour.


'Eloquent prose and deeply perceptive paintings.'
-- Cygnus Review

'The Spirit of Trees is an attractive, well-illustrated, and rewarding book that explores the relationship between humanity and trees...richly enhanced with photographs, sketches, drawings, and appealing, colorful paintings and watercolors. It is sturdy and attractive and Hageneder coherently presents a wide range of information on trees and related subjects.'
-- New Age Retailer

'Hagender's passion for his subject and the wealth of scientific fact, historical information, and traditional lore he gathered in the process have resulted in a virtual arboretum of 24 of the most common, best-loved trees of Europe and North America, presented with stunningly beautiful paintings, drawings, and photographs.'
-- Kaya Jacolev, Napra Review, December 2001

'How pleasant to be able to review a book so delightfully informative and thoughtfully inspiring as this one! The Spirit of Trees captures each of these themes in a beautifully illustrated, well printed and fluently written text. This is a book that has been sorely needed. General readers and specialists alike will find much within in its pages for stimulation, reflection and refreshment.'
-- Peter Barlow, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, 2002


Fred Hageneder writes about the natural and cultural history of trees, composes harp music inspired by trees and has painted tree portraits. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Fred now lives in Wales.

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