Willibrord, a Wandering Saint in Dialog with his Friends

An Example of Historical and Spiritual Insights for Storytelling of Saints' Legends

Frans Lutters

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  • Explores Willibrord's life and work, including his miracles and other events
  • Examines his connection to Charibert of Laon, the maternal grandfather of Charlemagne
  • Brings an anthroposophical perspective to a saint largely lost to history

A fascinating study, from an anthroposophical viewpoint, of a little-known but influential medieval saint.

228 x 152 mm
Waldorf Publications
Religion & Spirituality; Waldorf Publications
208 pages
Publication date:
08 Feb 2018


Willibrord was a seventh century Northumbrian missionary saint who studied in Ireland under Saint Egbert until his early 30s, and was then sent to preach to the Frisians, in the modern Netherlands. He became the first Bishop of Utrecht and died in Luxembourg. There are many monuments, chapels and wells devoted to him.

In this comprehensive book, Frans Lutters explores Willibrord's miracles and other events to draw out spiritual insights in the light of anthroposophy. He examines, in particular, Willibrord's relationship with Charibert of Laon, the maternal grandfather of Charlemagne who was central to the Christianisation of western Europe.

This is a fascinating study which uncovers the influence of a compelling saint, largely lost to history.


Frans Lutters has been a Waldorf teacher in the Netherlands for over 30 years. He is the author of Who Is Harry Potter?, The Grail Mystery and the Seven Liberal Arts, and An Exploration into the Destiny of the Waldorf School Movement.

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