The Grail Mystery and the Seven Liberal Arts

Frans Lutters; Translated by Philip Mees

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  • Examines the seven liberal arts of classical antiquity
  • Draws on Charlemagne's schools to explore the unique educational structure and goals
  • Richly illustrated

Explores the history and future of a unique educational structure, which Waldorf schools are working to transform for the modern age.

234 x 156 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
b/w illustrations
136 pages
Publication date:
12 Feb 2015


The seven liberal arts -- of grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy -- formed the basis of an education in classical antiquity, such as Ancient Greece. The objective was not so much the acquisition of knowledge, but the development of virtues. In the Middle Ages, Charlemagne established schools throughout his European courts based on the same principles. Teachers at those schools included noteworthy Knights of the Grail, as well as monks from Britain and Ireland.

This fascinating book explores the structure of this unique educational approach, one which modern Waldorf schools are working to transform for the modern age.

A comprehensive work of research, richly illustrated, the book offers ideas and insight for both teachers and parents, alongside an inspiring vision of future educational work.


'Frans Lutters has written a very intriguing and useful book. Teachers should find it helpful to see aspects of the Waldorf curriculum in their broader context, with the underlying spiritual significance for human development. In fact, anyone interested in human development can benefit from this perspective. As a musician, I found it helpful to see the place of music in the context of the seven liberal arts.'
-- Colleen Shetland, lyrist, singer, editor


Frans Lutters is an experienced Waldorf teacher in the Netherlands. He has written several books in Dutch, including An Exploration into the Destiny of the Waldorf School Movement, and Who Is Harry Potter?

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