Sir George Trevelyan

And the New Spiritual Awakening

Frances Farrer

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The first biography of Sir George Trevelyan, felt by many to be the grandfather of the movement for spiritual regeneration in Britain.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit; Philosophy of Human Life
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208 pages
Publication date:
26 Sep 2002


The first biography of Sir George Trevelyan, felt by many to be the grandfather of the movement for spiritual regeneration in Britain.

Sir George Trevelyan espoused alternative values long before the phrase became as popular as it is today. After hearing a lecture by a pupil of Rudolf Steiner, Trevelyan declared "The agnosticism of thirty-six years faded like morning mist. The spiritual worldview was clear to me in its glory and wonder."

During his lifetime he explored beliefs in angels, the calming effects of crystals and the power of ley lines, alongside organic farming and communal living. In 1971 he set up the Wrekin Trust to promote spiritual education and knowledge, and in 1982 he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (the"alternative Nobel Prize") for his contribution towards healing the planet.

He inspired and encouraged the emerging synthesis between science and spirituality, putting his faith for the future of society in the transforming power of spiritual awakening. He taught extensively, inspiring communities, universities and spiritual groups worldwide. He died in 1996 at the age of ninety.


'Wonderfully evocative ... Frances Farrer makes George come alive in these pages with the quality of her writing and felicity of expression, which means that the book can be enjoyed for its own sake even by those less interested in its main subject matter. An absorbing and entertaining account of a remarkable life.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review

'Takes the reader step by step through the life of this giant among men ... through its pages the reader learns more about Sir George's deep wisdom, humour, spiritual power and kindness. By the end of the book, one cannot fail to be touched and inspired.'
-- Elizabeth Medler, New Vision

'A thorough and lovingly written biography.'
-- Cerridwen Connelly, Pentacle, May 2003

'This book records, with adequate fullness, some of the mercurial personality that was Sir George Trevelyan. I commend it to you all.'
-- Geoffrey Beard, Attingham Society Newsletter, June 2003


Frances Farrer (1950-2015) was a writer, journalist and broadcaster. She wrote for most British broadsheets and was published widely on educational subjects.

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