The Creative Cosmos

Towards a Unified Science of Matter, Life and Mind

Ervin Laszlo

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The world's foremost systems philosopher presents a new scientific theory to explain how the universe defies our current understanding of fundamental physical laws.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World; Philosophy of Human Life
320 pages
Publication date:
01 Oct 1993


The world's foremost systems philosopher, Ervin Laszlo draws on a vast and unique range of knowledge and experience to present a theory which challenges our very understanding of reality itself.

Laszlo starts by asking the question, one long avoided by conventional science: how is it that the universe defies our current understanding of fundamental physical laws, demonstrating natural order and convergence rather than disorder and divergence? Searching for the 'missing factor', Laszlo explores the persistent anomolies in quantum physics, evolution, mind and consciousness, and leads us towards a fascinating new hypothesis.

At the heart of his theory, Laszlo proposes a universal psi-field underlying and interconnecting all of matter. Like waves on a cosmic ocean, the whole of reality rests upon an infinite and subtle medium from which all proceeds and to which all returns. He examines the probable nature and workings of this medium and comes to the challenging conclusion that we exist in an intrinsically creative cosmos which preserves and renews the imprint of all that is and ever was.
Laszlo's revolutionay thesis pushes back the boundaries of metaphysics, poses fundamental questions to both natural and social sciences, and frames the debate between religion and science in a dramatically altered perspective.

Written in a clear and accessible style, The Creative Cosmos makes vital reading for not only the professional involved but all those searching to understand the emerging paradigms for the interdisciplinary science of the approaching millennium.


Considered the world's foremost exponent of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, Ervin Laszlo is the author of over fifty books, many of them published internationally as foreign editions. His degrees and awards include the Doctorates-Lettres et Sciences Humaines of the Sorbonne, Paris, and an honorary doctorate in Human Sciences from the Saybrook Institute of San Francisco.
Lazlo is a member of the Club of Rome, and the International Academy of Science. He is currently Rector of the Frankfurt Academy for Evolutionary Management and Advanced Studies, and Science Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO.
His published work includes Goals for Mankind, and The Choice: Evolution or Extinction in the Twenty-first Century (1993).

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