The Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner

Volume 1 and Volume 2

Emil Bock; Translated by Lynda Hepburn

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  • A fascinating and thorough exploration of the life of Rudolf Steiner
  • Describes the people Steiner encountered during his life, from the Viennese social circles he mixed in as a student, to his meeting with Friedrich Nietszche
  • Explores the themes and ideas in Steiner's work, including the early years of Jesus and the split from the Theosophical Society
  • Written by one of the founders of The Christian Community

The Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner Volume One and Two, previously available separately, are now available in one book, offering a truly comprehensive and amazingly detailed portrait of Rudolf Steiner.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life; Art & Literature
16 b/w photographs
432 pages
Publication date:
16 Jun 2022


Emil Bock lectured widely on Rudolf Steiner after the Second World War, and during the course of his research he uncovered many previously unknown aspects of Steiner's life. The Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner brings together the two volumes of this insightful work, which were previously available separately, in one comprehensive book.

Part one introduces the great range of people who surrounded and influenced Steiner. Bock tracked down the mysterious 'Felix the herb gatherer', from Steiner's youth, and describes the Viennese social circles and coffee houses frequented by Steiner in his student days. He also details Steiner's meeting with Friedrich Nietzsche, and the various literary, artistic and eccentric people from Steiner's time in Berlin.

Part two reveals some of the themes and ideas in Steiner's work - the early years of Jesus, the Christmas festival and the break from the Theosophical Society to the Anthroposophical Society - as well as exploring the nature of destiny. Bock also examines the circle of people around Steiner at this time and, using Steiner's ideas on karma and reincarnation, draws interesting parallels with Rome, Byzantium, Ephesus and the Grail Castle.


'Emil Bock is able to communicate and make accessible his enthusiasm and understanding of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner’s mission... The reader can certainly feel animated to explore further.'
-- Perspectives

'A fascinating book for those who would like to find out more about Steiner's early background.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review

'Provides an intimate glimpse into the mysterious old-world sensibilities and consciousness of the times in which Steiner lived. Presents many of the very interesting and provocative ideas that were espoused by Rudolph Steiner. Also interesting are the author's insights and views on Steiner's life's work, destiny and the role he played in shaping human consciousness.'
'-- The Beacon

'A monumental biography of the great anthroposophist. More than a life history, this book explores the development of Steiner's thought, from Theosophy to Anthroposophy and beyond.'
-- Inner Light Magazine


Emil Bock (1895–1959) was one of the founders of the Christian Community in 1922, and led the movement from 1938 until his death.

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