The Shepherd's Songbook

For Waldorf Schools Grades 1, 2 and 3

Elisabeth Lebret

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  • Songs and music for Steiner-Waldorf teachers to share with Classes 1 to 3
  • Includes songs to celebrate different seasons and nature, as well as songs full of fun
  • Includes helpful instructions for teachers and parents

A collection of songs and music to use in Steiner-Waldorf classrooms for Classes 1 to 3 (ages 6-9) to celebrate different seasons in the year, as well as nature, heroes and saints.

280 x 216 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education
Age Range:
From 6 to 10 years
76 pages
Publication date:
25 Aug 2023


Shepherds' Songbook is a collection of songs and music for use in Steiner-Waldorf classrooms for Classes 1, 2 and 3 (ages 6-9).

The book contains instruction for teachers and parents along with numerous songs to sing and to play. Following the Waldorf curriculum, there are songs that tell the whole story of a collection of Aesop's Fables and songs about heroes and saints, including St John’s Song, St Martin and Epiphany Song. There are also songs about the seasons and nature, such as March Wind and The Song of the Four Seasons as well as songs full of fun, such as, Kettle, Boil and Jolly Nonsense!

An excellent resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers to help them share the joy of music and song with their pupils.


Elisabeth Lebret was a Waldorf teacher in the Netherlands whose love of music and song shone through her teaching.

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