Tone and Speech Eurythmy

Elena Zuccoli; Translated by Dorothea Mier and Clifford Venho

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  • A personal and insightful account from the early days of eurythmy
  • Offers a unique first-hand perspective from a student of Rudolf and Marie Steiner
  • Available in English for the first time, this is a fascinating resource for eurythmists looking to enhance their understanding and practice of tone and speech eurythmy

For the first time in English, a celebrated eurythmist reveals the challenges faced by the early eurythmy students. This is a fascinating first-hand account, ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of this unique art.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Holistic Health
128 pages
Publication date:
30 Mar 2023


When Marie and Rudolf Steiner developed the art of eurythmy in the early twentieth century, their aim was to awaken the musical element within the human form, in a spiritual way. In this unique form of movement, both music and the spoken word are made visible through dance and gestures.

Drawing on her first-hand experience of learning from Marie and Rudolf Steiner, celebrated eurythmist Elena Zuccoli describes the development of eurythmy and gives a personal account of the challenges that faced the early students as they sought to master this new discipline.

Available for the first time in English, this fascinating book is ideal for eurythmists who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of tone and speech eurythmy, and anyone who wants to learn more about the history of this special art.

Table of Contents

1. The First Impulse in 1915
2. Reawakened Interest in Tone Eurythmy
3. The Birth of the First Eurythmy School
4. The Christmas Conference 1923/24
5. New Foundations of Tone Eurythmy
6. Tone Colours
7. The Eurythmy Figures
8. Speech Eurythmy
9. Costumes
10. Eurythmy Work with Marie Steiner


'An absolutely essential book about eurythmy. [...] The cover is beautiful and pleasant to touch, and the layout of the book clear and easy to read. Zuccoli’s account gives valuable insights into the many different elements of eurythmy. [...] The book is full of practical guidelines and information to ponder and meditate on and I am sure it will continue to be a valuable resource for English speaking eurythmists in years to come.'
-- Saraphir Legind, Eurythmist and Movement Teacher

'I feel touched by the spiritual background of the work. This small book is for all eurythmists, musicians, artists and anyone interested in Rudolf Steiner and the development of those early years.'
-- Perspectives

'The reader encounters much that is precious and stimulating, along with some tantalizing and even provocative matters.'
-- West Midlands Eurythmy Association

'From questions on costumes for men to musical intervals and how they are related to imagination, inspiration and intuition, there are treasures herein for anyone wanting to know more about eurythmy.'
-- Christian Seely, Eurythmist


Elena Zuccoli (1901-96) was born in Milan, Italy. In 1922 she began her training in speech and tone eurythmy at the Eurythmy School in Stuttgart, Germany which was inaugurated by Marie Steiner. She then taught eurythmy at the school in Dornach, Switzerland, for a decade until 1934. Elena continued to teach and perform across Europe until shortly before her death.

Dorothea Mier was director of Eurythmy Spring Valley, USA, from 1980 to 2005, following many years as a member of the Goetheanum stage group under the direction of Marie Savitch. She is currently active teaching workshops in the US and abroad.

Cliff Venho is an editor at Steiner Books, USA.

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