Music Through the Grades in the Light of the Developing Child

Edited by Diane Ingraham Barnes

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  • An essential teacher resource which includes over 200 songs arranged seasonally for each year group
  • Each song has been selected for Classes 1 to 8 by Diane Ingraham Barnes, an experienced Waldorf teacher and musician
  • Includes three audio CDs featuring performances by Diane

A music resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers for Classes 1--8, with over 200 songs. Includes three audio CDs to assist teachers who don't read music.

280 x 216 mm
Adonis Press
Steiner-Waldorf Education
192 pages
Publication date:
02 Feb 2012


This is a wonderful new resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers for Classes 1 to 8. Over 200 songs have been hand-picked by Diane Ingraham Barnes, an experienced Waldorf teacher and musician, to guide and inspire teachers in their lesson preparation.

The book is arranged by grade, carefully following the natural development of children at different ages. Within each year, the songs are arranged seasonally, presenting teachers with ideal material for every stage of the school year.

In addition, the book comes with three audio CDs, one each for Classes 1 to 3. They feature fine performances by Diane, often accompanied by flute, percussion or lyre, and will assist teachers who don't easily read music -- as well as providing further inspiration for those who do.


Diane Ingraham Barnes is a singer and musician. She has been a Waldorf music teacher and choral conductor for thirty years. She lives in New York State.


Available in the US from Adonis Press

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