Esoteric Physiology

Consciousness and Disease

Dennis Klocek

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  • A comprehensive owner's manual to the human body
  • Klocek discusses human physiology and the hidden life forces and processes that sustain life on Earth
  • An accessible approach with a focus on Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science

A comprehensive owner's manual for the human body, discussing human physiology and the hidden life forces and processes that sustain life on Earth.

229 x 152 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Philosophy of Human Life
300 pages
Publication date:
06 Oct 2016


Dennis Klocek has for many years studied and incorporated Western esotericism into his own inner research, focusing especially on alchemy and the wisdom and practicality of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science. Based on thirteen lectures, he discusses human physiology and the hidden forces and processes that sustain our life on Earth and beyond. His informal and accessible approach delves deeply into specific organs, functions, life processes and diseases, drawing vivid images for the reader that stimulate a profound understanding and appreciation of human physiology.

The topics discussed include a wide range of diseases, physical and spiritual organs, psychology, sleep and dreams, digestion, emotions, consciousness, aging, a variety of therapies and much more. Dennis Klocek offers a comprehensive owner's manual for our human body.


'The author has been director of the consciousness studies programme at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento since 1992. As such, his knowledge of Steiner’s work is encyclopaedic, and forms the background for these lectures [...] The whole book involves a lot of inner work and I liked his remark that we should never waste a good obstacle in life.'
-- Network Review


Dennis Klocek is Director of the Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California. He is engaged in research, teaching and writing in many fields, including weather, gardening, colour therapy and meditation. He is the author of Bio-Dynamic Book of Moons, Weather and Cosmology, Drawing from the Book of Nature, Seeking Spirit Vision, Sacred Agriculture, and Climate: Soul of the Earth.

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