The Bumblebee Garden

Dawn Casey; Illustrated by Stella Lim

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  • A sweet story of the natural world, with a gentle message about bee conservation
  • Dawn Casey's engaging story teaches young children about the life cycle of bees, and their importance to the ecosystem
  • Stella Lim's luminous illustrations bring Ben's family and the details of the garden to life on the page
  • Features a non-fiction double-page spread showing the life cycle of a queen bee
  • From the creators of Spin a Scarf of Sunshine

Ben helps in Grandpa's garden through the year and learns all about the life cycle of the bumblebees. This charming picture book highlights the importance of bee conservation through a lyrical story and luminous illustrations.

275 x 295 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
28 pages
Publication date:
22 Feb 2024


In the chilly early spring, Ben and Grandpa are busy in the garden. Ben spots a fuzzy bumblebee in a cosy coat, just like him. 
As spring turns to summer, Ben learns all about the lives of the bumblebees -- how they grow from eggs into hungry larvae, spin cocoons and finally emerge as bees -- and notices what he has in common with his buzzy friends. When Grandpa explains that bees carry pollen that helps juicy strawberries grow in their garden, Ben asks if they can help the bees in return.
The Bumblebee Garden is a charming, lyrical story that teaches young children about the life cycle of bees, and their importance to the balance of the natural world. The luminous illustrations will inspire readers to celebrate these remarkable, vital insects and help them thrive in their own gardens and nearby green spaces.


'A gentle, lovely introduction to a ubiquitous but lesser-known insect.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'Beautifully illustrated and a fun, informative read from start to finish.'
-- Midwest Book Review

'A delightful story and a lovely way to learn about the life cycle of bees.'
-- Juno

'From the team that brought you Spin a Scarf of Sunshine comes a story about harvesting honey, the lifecycle of a bumblebee queen, and onomatopoetic sounds. So lovely.'
-- School Library Journal

'A good preface for those wanting to learn more about bees. The artwork is wonderful. I enjoyed how we get to see the child's life parallel to that of the bee, and the way he connected the bee's life with his own.'
-- YA Books Central

'A beautiful picture book to help young readers understand the importance of bees to all of us in creating fresh produce for people to eat, and to show children how simple it is for them to support helpful insects as they pollinate plants that bring us food. The text is conversational and easy to understand. The illustrations beautifully support the text.'
-- San Francisco Book Review

'Lovely color illustrations marry text with imagery as bumblebees are appreciated and explored by Ben and his Grandpa, who bond over their shared wonder.'
-- Donovan's Literary Agency

'The Bumblebee Garden invites readers into a world buzzing with wonder and beauty... It is not just a book; it's a sensory experience that inspires readers of all ages to marvel at the intricate tapestry of life, the symbiotic relationship of humans and the natural world and to cherish the magic around us. The perfect read-aloud book for all ages.'
-- BusyBusyLearning (Instagram)

'This is such a sweet story about generational bonds, a love for nature, and learning more about bees! With beautiful illustrations, the reader is guided through the ever-changing seasons and learning about what a queen bee is up to along the way!'
-- ThreeLittleLovesLibrary (Instagram)

'A loving and tender depiction of a multiracial family spending time together in nature, The Bumblebee Garden is perfect for building empathy towards some of the smallest (yet some of the most important) members of the backyard habitat.'
-- ReadingWithRedAndMagpie (Instagram)

'Casey's detailed text provides readers with a thorough introduction to the insect, while encouraging the same audiences to play a part in their protection like Ben. Lim's Eye-catching illustrations are an absolute standout, with many spreads offering double-paged views of the thriving garden and its wildlife.'
-- OliviaTheLibrarian (Instagram)

'Entertaining and educational. With lovely, dreamy illustrations.'
-- Melki, Goodreads

'A sweet, beautifully illustrated intergenerational picture book.'
-- KidsCornerBookClub (Instagram)

'Beautifully illustrated scenes bring bumblebees to life with stunning detail... Celebrates the invaluable role of grandparents in passing down wisdom and traditions.'
-- LittleOwlsBookshelf (Instagram)

'This lovely intergenerational story has short spurts of onomatopoeia, and closes with a chart exploring the life cycle of the queen bee.'
-- 3BittyBookworms (Instagram)

'A charming, lyrical story that teaches young children about the life cycle of bees, and their importance to the balance of the natural world.'
-- KatysBookShelf (Instagram)

'If your children are passionate about bees and gardening, then this is the perfect book… I loved the soft watercolour illustrations that immerse the reader in the story.'
-- OurWorldOfWonder (Instagram)

'A sweet story about generational bonds, a love for nature, and learning more about bees.'
-- LittleLovesLibrary (Instagram)

'It features illustrations with a slight vintage vibe and a distinctive style, this is the book I’d recommend for bee lovers.'
-- TheKidsBookstagrammer (Instagram)

'A beautiful blend of fiction and information that will encourage readers to notice what’s going on around them, and make small changes to become more bee-friendly.'
-- KidsReadTheWorld (Instagram)

'This beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates just how special bees truly are and how we can help them thrive this spring! Through this delightful story, young readers will learn all about the life cycle of bees and how they can make their own yards a bit more eco-friendly.'
-- FunReadsForKids (Instagram)

'Super informative and would be great for a unit on bees or pollination. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful and it features a grandfather-grandson relationship, which is so special.'
-- PictureBookPlaydate (Instagram)

'A touching and darling book that shows the connections between us and the natural world… The illustrations are stunning (those flowers!) and this book made us so happy and excited for spring!'
-- BrightWishBooks (Instagram)

'A beautifully illustrated story that gently intertwines factual elements with a narrative that celebrates intergenerational learning, the beauty of the natural world, and the simple yet profound connections between all living things.'
-- StorybookMamma

'The book explains the entire cycle of a bumblebee's life throughout the seasons with a fantastic life cycle of a queen bee right at the end.'
-- WithMarlena (Instagram)

'Great for learning more about bees, as well as some ways readers can help them!'
-- LittleReadersFutureLeaders (Instagram)

'This is a great children's nature book. If you have a little one that's curious about the lives of bees, or how flowers are pollinated, this is a perfect book for them! It's informative without overwhelming little readers. The illustrations are also adorable and really complete the book.'
-- NetGalley Reviewer

'What a beautifully illustrated book to describe the lifecycle of queen bees and vital role of bees in an ecosystem… The scope of information is perfect for children, and I loved the relationships between the boy and his grandpa and his little sister. A great storytime option!'
-- NetGalley Reviewer


Dawn Casey is the author of picture books and children's story collections inspired by the wonder of the natural world. Her work has won the Gold Nautilus Award for books that support conscious living and received an accolade from the American Folklore Society. Before becoming an author, Dawn worked in publishing and as a primary school teacher. Her picture books include Spin a Scarf of Sunshine and The Bumblebee Garden. Dawn lives with her husband, children and a tabby cat in Sussex, UK.

Stella Lim is an illustrator from South Korea. She studied Fine Art and graduated from Kingston University with a Master of Communication Design. She is the illustrator of Spin a Scarf of Sunshine, Little Blue Bunny and The Bumblebee Garden. Stella lives in Seoul with her family and tabby cat.

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