Teaching Science through the Grades

Edited by David Mitchell

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  • Essays, articles and specialised studies from around the world exploring the unique approach to teaching science in Waldorf education
  • Covers a vast array of subjects and topics including chemistry, biology and astronomy
  • Written by experienced and esteemed Waldorf teachers including Florian Oswald and Sven Bohn

Experienced Waldorf teachers from around the world explore the unique approach to science in Waldorf schools. Covers a wide array of subjects and topics including astronomy, biology and zoology.

254 x 178 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education
27 b/w illustrations
110 pages
Publication date:
13 May 2021


The teaching of science in Waldorf schools is qualitatively different to mainstream education, reflecting an aim to help children learn about science through hands-on experience rather than memorising theory. Science begins in Kindergarten where joy in the natural world is celebrated, then through the grades increasing focus is given to improving pupils' observation skills.

In this valuable resource, experienced Waldorf teachers from around the world, including Florian Oswald and Sven Bohn, share their expertise on a wide range of subjects and topics. Covering a vast array of scientific areas including zoology and mythology, astronomy, chemistry, and biology, this book helps teachers enhance and improve their teaching methods.

Table of Contents

Zoology and Mythology by Jens Bjorneboe
Astronomy: The Oft-Forgotten School Subject by Sven Bohn
Adolescents - Their Relationship to the Night and The Senses in Connection with Their Own Development by Peter Glasby
Aesthetic Knowlege as a Source for the Main Lesson by Peter Guttenhöfer
Chemistry in Grades Seven to Nine by Jan Haakonson
Goethe's Theory of Color by Tørger Holtsmark
Teaching Biology in a Human Context by Graham Kennish
Thoughts on Information and Communication Technology by Florian Oswald
A Study of the Element “Water” by Christian Smit
Water as the Medium for Life and The Starry Heavens and Our Self by Jørgen Smit


David Mitchell was a Waldorf teacher for 35 years. His passion for teaching science led him to develop The Waldorf Publication science kits with colleagues in the field. Latterly he was Chair of Publications for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). He died in 2012.

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