From Images to Thinking

Edited by David Mitchell

Out of print

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  • Fifteen essays from highly-respected thinkers, educators, therapists and neuroscientists
  • Moves from stories and fairy tales, through sensory observation, to analytical thinking
  • A resource for parents and educators

An insightful collection of essays that explore the development of children's imagination and capacities, from pictures and stories through to scientific thinking.

254 x 178 mm
Waldorf Publications
Parenting & Child Health; Waldorf Publications
11 colour illustrations
132 pages
Publication date:
29 Jan 2016


It is a creative activity of the highest order to inspire a child's thinking to rise up from the pictorial imaging of early childhood. This collection of fifteen insightful essays leads parents and teachers through the growing capacities of a child at different stages of development, describing the tools available to help enrich the child's imagination.

The process starts with storytelling and fairy tales, with practice in recalling stories to increase memory, moves into sensory observation through the pre-teen years, and blossoms into carefully developed thinking and scientific capabilities in the high school years.

The book includes contributions by Rudolf Steiner, Eileen M. Hutchins, Christof Weichert and many other teachers, therapists and neuroscientists.

Table of Contents

Children Learn in Images: Why Waldorf Schools Put So Much Emphasis on the Concrete: Rosemary Wermbter
The Fairy Tale of the Crystal Ball: Christianne Brown
Interpreting Fairy Tales: Rudolf Steiner
How to Create, Tell and Recall a Story: Rudolf Steiner
The Secret of Children's Pictures: Armin Krenz
Research into Resilience: Christof Wiechert
Resilient Children: First Food or Fast Food: Katherine Train
Why Waldorf Works: From a Neuroscientific Perspective: Regalena Melrose, MD
The Senses: Eileen M. Hutchins
The Training of Observation: Eileen M. Hutchins
Observation and Thinking: Eileen M. Hutchins
The Activity of Thinking: Eileen M. Hutchins
An Education for our Time: Christof Wiechert
A Bold Step Forward: Andreas Neider
Internet Crunch: Mathias Maurer


David Mitchell was a Waldorf teacher for 35 years. Latterly he was Chair of Publications for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). He died in 2012.

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