Radical Prince

The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales

David Lorimer

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An overview of Prince Charles' philosophy, including his ideas on ecology, organic agriculture, holistic health, religion, architecture and education.

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28 Oct 2004


-- Accessible, abridged paperback edition of a bestselling hardback

This is the first book to provide an explanatory overview of the Prince of Wales' philosophy, revealing the coherence of his ideas on ecology, organic agriculture, holistic health, religion, architecture and education.

In this eye-opening book, David Lorimer outlines the radical thinking that underpins the Prince's vision and the ways in which he has translated this into practical projects with The Prince's Trust, The Prince's Foundation, The Duchy of Cornwall, the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health and the Prince of Wales' International Business Leaders Forum.

This is a readable and accessible edition of the bestselling hardback.


'The Prince of Wales is no mere dreamer and theorist. In Radical Prince, we see not just a man who cares passionately about our world and the people in it but someone who has used his positive actively and practically.'
-- Light, Summer 2004

'A wise and well thought-out holistic approach to living sensibly and responsibly. An eminently sensible book packed full of laudable philosophies. It's well worth a read if you want a real insight into the often maligned Prince Charles.'
-- Jackie Harris, Worcester Evening News, 12 June 2004

'It is hard not become an admirer of Prince Charles as David Lorimer gradually unveils the scale, range and importance of the Prince’s work. For those who have some interest in the policy dilemmas and direction of modern Britain, even if they do not share the Prince’s holistic philosophy of life, the book should be required reading.'
-- Stratford Caldecott, Chesterton Review, 2004

'The title of the book is so apt on many levels. "Radical" in this context epitomizes Prince Charles' awareness that there has to be some radical change of thinking, change of conciousness, change of behaviour, radical change of attitude and atmosphere, if we are to bring anything new and fresh into the world, or bring back the sense of integrity and sacred sustainability to this world. This book is truly a book for our times. Do read it -- the combination of Prince Charles' vision and Lorimer's honouring and expansion of it makes for great reading.'
-- Tessa Mascall, Caduceus, Spring 2004

'Should become essential reading for all students of medicine and nursing. Lorimer is to be congratulated on setting the work of the Prince of Wales in perspective.'
-- Michael Endacott, Institute of Complementary Medicine Journal, February 2004

'An interesting account. Lorimer's story of how integrated, holistic, alternative or complementary medicine in the UK reached its present stage of development is a fascinating read.'
-- FACT: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies, March 2004

'If you are not afraid to think and to deepen your understanding of a man who may one day become King, this is the book for you. Thanks are due to David Lorimer for writing a book that has long needed to be written.'
-- Elizabeth Medler, New Vision, March/April 2004

'An eminently readable overview. David Lorimer challenges popular misconceptions.'
-- Ode Magazine, March 2004

'A very readable though serious study. It is clear from the project examples, such as rural regeneration, that the Prince is a philanthropic intiative-taker par excellence.'
-- New View, December 2003

'For the most part, Charles has been left to say what he likes. But a new book, Radical Prince, which analyses his intellectual contribution, may change all that and force people to take sides. For it seems that a surprising number of academics do indeed think the prince has something worthwhile to say.'
-- John Crace, The Guardian, 23 December 2003

'Eloquent. What this book contains are a series of practical recipes for putting the 21st century back on track of civilisation. It is one of the ironies of our times that of all people, it is the heir to the British throne who has inspired it.'
-- Max Payne, Scientific and Medical Network Review, Winter 2003

'An absorbing biography. This book is a veritable goldmine of radical wisdom and nobody concerned with public issues can afford to neglect it. David Lorimer is a writer who matches his subject in the breadth of his concerns and his ability to express them; he has produced a book which is a virtual compendium of current problems about our increasingly dangerous lifestyle.'
-- John Papworth, Fourth World Review

'A detailed, eye-opening look at the Prince's views, ideas and work. What comes through most strongly is the Prince's strong spiritual view of reality and how in touch he is with ordinary people, much more so than he is given credit for. We see a side of the Price that is rarely alluded to, and that is a welcome change from the recent torrid tabloid tales.'
-- South Wales Argus, 17 January 2004

'At last, we have a book that examines The Prince of Wales's philosophy and practical work with real insight and intellectual rigour. The integrated and deeply-rooted worldview that lies behind all The Prince of Wales' many different causes and charities is explored in depth, revealing him very much as a man of our time, engaging people in issues long before politicians and the media realise how important they are, and striving constantly to find an inspired balance between the old and the new, the traditional and the radical, the spiritual and the scientific.'
-- Jonathon Porritt, Programme Director, Forum for the Future

'When someone who occupies this strange but influential position takes the trouble to use it by discussing difficult, controversial issues carefully, it might be worth while to listen. Lorimer accordingly maps out the wide and well-organised area covered by Prince Charles' thought. At the end of this intelligent and wide-ranging book, a good many people who did not expect to, may find themselves thinking, 'This is a sensible man. More power to his elbow'.'
-- Mary Midgley, Times Literary Supplement

'The Prince of Wales is a thinker with a holistic approach. It is surprising, therefore, that no one before David Lorimer has attempted to present the range of the Prince's involvement in contemporary debates and the impressive interconnectedness and integrity of his thought. In many fields, notably those of community development and healing, the Prince's contributions have helped to convert a minority view into something approaching an orthodoxy. In this timely book, David Lorimer distils some of the essential message.'
-- The Rt Hon and Rt Revd Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

'This is an important book. [It] shows a man of the highest moral integrity. David Lorimer shows how this exceptional man has voiced not only his vision, but is successfully manifesting it on the planet at a time when we desperately need a balance between extremes. I believe that every household should have a copy of this book.'
-- Tony Neate, Buttercup Newsletter, December 2003

'This Prince of Wales certainly does think, and from his particular vantage point he has frequently been ahead of the mainstream. The Prince's ideas are coherent and internally consistent, and carry strong personal conviction. In preparing this book, David Lorimer made it very much his own.'
-- Sir Crispin Tickell, Diplomat's Review

'The major challenge confronting all of humankind is how to live in harmony with the world that sustains us. Every dimension of our lives -- our health, economy, education, and more -- depends crucially on the response we give to this challenge. David Lorimer shows how the Prince of Wales has approached these considerations with a clear vision and admirable courage. In an age when leaders have forgotten how to lead, his example is an inspiration to the entire world.'
-- Larry Dossey, author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

'Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales is a testament to the wisdom and insights of a contemporary visionary who also happens to be the Prince of Wales. David Lorimer has skilfully compiled the compelling words, ideas, and guidance of Prince Charles, revealing the passionate commitment the Prince maintains toward raising the consciousness of humanity. Few people in the public eye, have so courageously shared so much of their personal beliefs with so many. One can only be filled with admiration and respect for the countless ways the Prince has contributed to the betterment of the environment and society.'
-- Caroline M. Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

'David Lorimer's deeply intelligent book illuminates the extraordinary range, depth and consistency of the Prince of Wales’s work and achievements. It explores the influences that have moulded his philosophy, expressed in innovative and practical projects in the fields of agriculture, architecture, ecology, medicine, religion, education and business. We hear the Prince's own words throughout. Here we have a template for the creation of a new kind of civilization -- one grounded in values which respect the interconnectedness and interdependence of all aspects of life.'
-- Anne Baring

'A remarkable vision of a Prince with a remarkable and timely vision of his own -- a book to read both by those who take an interest in the life and work of the Prince of Wales, and those who take an interest in, and a measure of responsibility for, our common future.'
-- Ervin Laszlo

'Readers of this highly articulate and readable book will find that the Prince of Wales is a truly remarkable man. To have been successful in so many varied and crucially important fields speaks to the Prince's breadth of vision, intellectual integrity and wisdom. This book gives a fascinating and comprehensive overview of both his ideas and his achievements. The country is fortunate to have an heir to the throne who understands the core values of human nature, and who has the courage and conviction to explore and develop these in practical ways even when they are against the populist tide of shallow commercialism and the limited vision of scientific materialism.'
-- Dr Peter Fenwick


David Lorimer is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, an international group of academics and professionals dedicated to an open-minded exploration of the boundaries of science.


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