The Waldorf Book of Poetry

Discover the Power of Imagination

Edited by David Kennedy

Out of print

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  • Poetry as a gateway to a range of subjects, from ancient cultures to the wonders of nature
  • A perfect resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers
  • Includes both modern and classic poems

425 poems from classic and modern poets for poetry lovers, parents, teachers and children.

254 x 178 mm
Living Arts Books
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Story Books & Anthologies
352 pages
Publication date:
31 Oct 2013


Experience poetry like never before as it opens up doors to ancient cultures, far-away places, the seasons and rhythms of the year, and the wonder of plants, animals and nature.

The 425 classic and modern poems in this wonderful book form a comprehensive collection revealing the power of imagination in a wide range of subjects, from history, language and geography to mathematics and science.

Teachers will find a perfect poem for every class, and parents will discover old favourites and new treasures to share with their children.


'Touch this book and you will touch and teach each child in your care.'
-- Eugene Schwartz

'Profound and inspiring.'
-- Dennis Klocek

'An invaluable resource.'
-- Roberto Trostli

'Magical, exciting and wonderful -- a book that will feed the hearts and minds of children for years to come. One of the greatest collections of poetry ever brought together, meant for years of use -- a resource not just to be loved, but also used.'
-- Nancy Parsons,

'It is always a pleasure to find an anthology of poetry which has a creative context, in this case the evolving needs of the children as they progress through their school years. A classroom that rings with the beautiful and wholesome language that this anthology encourages will give the children a lifelong gift to carry out into their relationships, communities and future places of work. The historical section is indeed a gem. The evolution of consciousness as it appears in the changing form and content of poetry is such a meaningful context for Waldorf education.'
-- Paul Matthews, Poet, adult educator, and author of Sing Me the Creation: A Creative Writing Sourcebook


David Kennedy has been a Waldorf teacher for over 20 years. He is the founder of, the world's largest website for Waldorf education.

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