Stars of the Meadow

Medicinal Herbs as Flower Essences

David Dalton

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A comprehensive guide to using over forty medicinal herbs as flower essences.

254 x 176 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Holistic Health; Biodynamics & Organics
48 b/w illustrations
160 pages
Publication date:
27 Jul 2006


A comprehensive guide to using over forty medicinal herbs as flower essences.

David Dalton has been researching the characteristics of flowers and the healing powers of their essences for many years. In this book, each flower is delicately illustrated and its features described, before exploring the types of health conditions and human personalities for which its essence might be a suitable remedy. It includes well-tested preparation and dosage instructions.

Supplemented with inspiring quotes and thoughts throughout the text, this book is a treasure-trove of natural healing. It will be a valuable guide for those new to flower essences and an essential reference for herbalists who want to deepen their knowledge.

Table of Contents

Black Cohosh -- Blackcurrent -- Blackberry Lily -- Blessed Thistle -- Blue Vervain -- Borage -- Bull Thistle -- Butterfly Weed -- Canada Thistle -- Celandine -- Comfrey -- Elecampagne -- Fraxinella -- Golden Amaranthus -- Gravel Root -- Habanero Pepper -- Hemp Agrimony -- Horseradish -- Hyssop -- Indian Pipe -- Indian Tobacco -- Jack-in-the-pulpit -- Japanese Knotweed -- Landy's Mantle -- Lemon Balm -- Lilac -- Lobelia -- Lovage -- Lungwort -- Marshmallow -- Milk Thistle -- Missouri Primrose -- Motherwort -- Onion -- Pink Amaranthus -- Pink Lady's Slipper -- Potato -- Scarlet Pimpernel -- Skullcap -- Solomon's Seal -- Star Jasmine -- Stinging Nettle -- Sumac -- Teasel -- Water Lily -- White Columbine -- Wood Betony -- Wormwood
Repertory (by condition/personality)


'It has been an honour to be associated with David Dalton's work for many years. He combines an extraordinary passion for both plants and people.'
-- Patricia Kaminski, director of the Flower Essence Society

'An outstanding resource ... moves beyond descriptions and indications to more fully develop the true character of each essence.'
-- Kate Gilday, herbalist

'Attention herbalists and lovers of the plant world: in this book you will re-meet many medicinal plants you are familiar with, in a new and profound way.'
-- Claudia Keel, Earthflower


David Dalton is the founder and director of Delta Gardens, a centre for flower essence research and education in New Hampshire, USA.

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