A Candle on the Hill

Images of Camphill Life

Edited by Cornelius Pietzner; Foreword by Laurens van der Post

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A survey, in words and pictures, of Camphill life throughout the world.

270 x 220 mm
Floris Books
Special Needs Education; Steiner-Waldorf Education
colour illustrations
174 pages
Publication date:
01 Mar 1990


This survey, in words and pictures, of Camphill life throughout the world, helps to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Camphill movement. Founded by Karl Konig and guided by the revolutionary educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner, the movement has grown from one small group near Aberdeen to a worldwide network of over seventy homes, schools, and villages on four continents.
It is based on the idea of a caring community, offering a sheltered yet useful life to those too handicapped to live or work successfully elsewhere.


Praise for Calum's New Team (Book 1):

'Nice writing style and no embarrassing stuff. You only need to like football. And to be able to sympathise with a boy who has to use his dog as goalie [not very good at defending the goal] when he plays all alone.'
-- Bookwitch

'... Written by Danny Scott, who works for the Scottish Book Trust, and is a huge football fan – the love for the game and for literacy shines through the text. It’s easy to read, with a manageable vocabulary and a plot that moves along quickly and realistically.
Interspersed with zazzy illustrations from Alice A Morentorn and complete with trading cards inside, this is a young football fan’s dream story. It touched a nerve here – the things mentioned in the book absolutely happen – which makes it completely relatable. The characters are sympathetically drawn – even Calum’s busy parents. Of course there’s the usual happiness at the end – so many fictional football teams win trophies and beat rivals (in the end) – in real life if you’re a Spurs fan the wait can be a little longer than the time it takes to read a book….
For age 6+ years. A cracking addition to the team.'

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