Learning Disorder or Creative Gift?

Cornelia Jantzen

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Explores the view that dyslexia is not a disability, but a special gift often coupled with a highly developed imagination and unique perception structure. Helpful and encouraging for parents and teachers.

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Parenting & Child Health; Special Needs Education
b/w illustrations
248 pages
Publication date:
30 Apr 2014


Dyslexia has long been known as a learning difficulty that primarily affects literacy skills. Increasingly, however, researchers and professionals working with dyslexia suggest that it is less a disorder than a sign of specially gifted people. People with dyslexia often have a highly developed imagination and a unique way of perceiving things. They frequently have above average intelligence and are highly creative, provided they are supported and nurtured by parents and teachers.

In this book Cornelia Jantzen explores the basis of this radical viewpoint. Throughout, she provides many practical examples which explore the different aspects of dyslexia, and can give parents and teachers confidence in dealing with the challenges that it presents.

This is a helpful and encouraging book for anyone looking for new insights into the enigma of dyslexia.


'No one reading this book will think about dyslexia in the same way again.'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review

'This is a detailed, practical study full of visual examples from children. A valuable resource for parents or teachers.'
-- Juno


Cornelia Jantzen studied education and specialized in dyslexia. She works as a consultant on dyslexia in Hamburg, and is the mother of two dyslexic children. Her interest in a new approach is based on her in-depth study of the Davis method, the foundations of Steiner-Waldorf education and a broad overview of current practices.

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