A Call To Love

Claire Blatchford

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A treasury of spiritual wisdom for anyone wanting to draw closer to the spiritual world.

190 x 132 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Religion & Spirituality
184 pages
Publication date:
27 Jan 2005


Ten years ago, 'Turning' was published anonymously. It is a book of spiritual guidance, containing meditations heard inwardly in the heart of a faithful listener during moments of prayer. Many readers responded gratefully to its profoundly simple message: 'The spirit is very near. Only turn, ask, and listen.' However, 'Turning' was only a selection of all that the author received. 'Becoming', a treasury of spiritual wisdom, collects all the messages given to Claire Blatchford, who now feels it is appropriate to reveal her name.

Anyone needing advice on how to draw closer to the spiritual world, anyone whose life requires difficult answers, anyone who is in pain or suffering psychologically will find real sustenance -- 'fresh food for the soul' -- in Becoming: A Call to Love.


Claire Blatchford was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in Connecticut. At six years old, she was made deaf by a bout of measles, and struggled for many years before coming to terms with her condition. After graduating from Bennington College, she taught the deaf. She is a co-founder of Uplook School in Greenfield, Mass, an educational program whose credo is: "Give love, seek truth, serve the light in all." She is the author of Friend of My Heart, and Turning.


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