Christopher Mackie


Quick Look

  • A magical adventure set on a flooded Earth, where magic has allowed the last of the world's inhabitants to survive for generations among the clouds on the floating island of Bastion
  • This is the astounding debut novel from Kelpies Prize-winning author Christopher Mackie -- an endlessly inventive new voice in middle grade fantasy
  • Stars an unforgettable band of misfits, including Kurt the giant mushroom, Flicker the gemstone faerie, twin wood-nymphs and a gruff shapeshifting wolf
  • Fast-paced and funny, this is the perfect adventure for fans of Ben Miller, Tom Fletcher and Terry Pratchett

The magical island of Bastion hangs above a flooded world-- and it's in danger. Can a brave gang of misfits -- including Kurt (an eight-foot mushroom) and Flicker (a gemstone faerie) -- save their imperilled island? A quirky middle grade fantasy adventure

Floris Books
Age Range:
From 9 to 12 years
288 pages
Publication date:
17 Aug 2023


An island of magic and mayhem floating above the flooded Earth, Bastion has long been the last country left in the world. Then one day best friends Kurt (an eight-foot mushroom with a fear of heights) and Flicker (a tiny, tough-talking gemstone faerie) stand on the edge of the land and see the impossible: a plane from nowhere is heading straight for them.

Kurt and Flicker join forces with a brave gang of misfits -- including wood-nymph twins (one bounty hunter, one bookworm) and a gruff, shapeshifting wolf -- to rescue the pilot and face a dangerous enemy. Can the Cloudlanders save their floating island from crashing into the Endless Sea and the terrifying tentacles of a massive monster?

Cloudlanders is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud fantasy adventure with a unique cast of characters, tonnes of heart, and gasp-inducing moments. Fans of Ben Miller, Tom Fletcher and Terry Pratchett will love this quirky and sharply written debut novel from Kelpies Prize winner, Christopher Mackie.


'An enjoyably eccentric story full of imagination and thoughtfulness... A swift and cleverly plotted adventure, in which our heroic fairy and mushroom join forces with a gang of fellow misfits in a race to put wrongs to right... At the heart of this highly imagined fantasy is a time-old tale of Good versus Evil, which will resonate with old and young alike.'
-- The Telegraph

'The world building is delightful, rich and expansive. I particularly love that the author champions difference as a good and powerful force, and that the friendship and family themes are at the forefront for overcoming obstacles... A sumptuous joy of a story.'
-- Cat Anderson, The Edinburgh Bookshop

'Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves as you fly through this fantastical, wildly-imagined adventure, bursting with thrills, spills and a cast of memorable characters. Once you've arrived in Bastion, you'll never want to leave.'
-- Justin Davies, author of Haarville

'An adventure like no other... The characters are cleverly crafted and made out of pure fantasy... This fast-paced, rollercoaster dystopian will be a brilliant and memorable hit.'
-- Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

'Quirky and fun.'
-- School Library Journal


Christopher Mackie grew up in a quiet village outside of Glasgow, creating imaginary worlds and telling tall tales to anyone who would listen. In 2019, he won the Kelpies Prize for Writing and wrote Cloudlanders, his first children's novel, during the 2020 lockdowns. Chris works in Dundee and Perth and lives in Edinburgh.

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