The Discovery Illustrated Family Bible

Christian Maclean; Illustrated by David Newbatt

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  • From Creation to Revelation, the Old and New Testaments are warmly retold for children aged 8 plus
  • Beautifully illustrated with over 50 glowing watercolour illustrations which bring key moments from the Bible to life, including Noah's ark, Moses and the burning bush, Jesus feeding the crowds, and Paul's vision at Damascus
  • A wonderful gift for children, with its durable hard cover and ribbon marker, this Bible can be cherished for years to come
  • Includes maps of the Holy Land, a timeline and family tree in a fascinating Discovery section

An engaging and inspiring Bible with stories retold for older children and accompanied by soft watercolour illustrations. Includes maps of the holy land, a timeline and family tree.

225 x 180 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality;
58 colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
324 pages
Publication date:
19 Oct 2023


This beautifully illustrated Bible has been retold for children aged 8 and up in an engaging and easy-to-understand style. Soft, glowing watercolour illustrations help to bring a full range of Old and New Testament stories to life, making this an inspiring and powerful introduction to overarching Christian themes: God's faithfulness to his people and the promise of Christ for all of humanity. Readers can also discover insight into the people and places of the Bible through a family tree, a glossary, timeline and maps of the Holy Land.

The Discovery Illustrated Family Bible has a durable hard cover with a navy ribbon marker and will make a wonderful gift.

'The Discovery Illustrated Family Bible retells the stories of the Bible in accessible yet beautiful language, and with useful explanations of faraway places and ancient times and their customs. The illustrations bring the stories to life so they will live on in those who read them.' -- Tom Ravetz, Lenker of The Christian Community in Great Britain and Ireland


'An inexpensive precious jewel[...] David Newbatt, who has brought his skill of creating a mood in our soul with his pictures to illustrating the contents throughout. Christian Maclean who spent much time on retelling the stories, true to their essence, and for weaving them together so masterfully, written in such a way that you want to read on to find out how life carries on. This book is a wonderful gift.'
-- Perspectives

'This is an excellent sharing of some of the stories and events of the Bible. It gives these episodes an immediacy that is sometimes difficult to find in a strict translation, particularly for those who aren't as familiar with the Bible. Christian Maclean's style is very readable, and great for sharing. Interspersed throughout the text are beautiful illustrations painted by David Newbatt. They are vivid and dynamic, in soft, muted tones. There is a remarkable amount to be found in even the seemingly simplest of them.'
-- Jane Sandell, Stedfast


Christian Maclean is an Editor at Floris Books and author of Pioneers of Religious Renewal. He was Chair of the Christian Community for 15 years until 2023. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

David Newbatt is an artist and teacher. His work has been exhibited throughout Great Britain and Europe. David lives and teaches at a Camphill Community for young adults with additional support needs in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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