And the Search for the Grail

Charles Kovacs


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A warm and lively retelling of the legend of Parsifal in Charles Kovacs's inimitable style.

Floris Books
Steiner-Waldorf Education
144 pages
Publication date:
14 May 2020
Waldorf Education Resources
2nd edition


Parsifal (or Sir Percival) was a Knight of King Arthur. His story is told by the troubadours of France and Germany, notably Chrétien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach. The Parsifal story stands between the past age that looked for secrets of the spirit and the coming age that was going to search for the secrets of matter.

In this warm and lively retelling of the legend of Parsifal, Charles Kovacs's critical commentary offers an unrivalled insight into teaching the story of Parsifal.

Based on Kovacs's extensive teacher notes, this informative book places the Parsifal story in its greater social and historical context.

This is a fascinating and engaging resource for teachers and home schoolers which is used in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum for 16-17 year olds as a way of introducing world literature and one of the central problems of our time -- the imperative to learn to ask the right questions.


'This is more than just a teacher's resource; the selected retelling is enlivening and the commentary both broad and insightful. Kovacs illustrates the relevance of Parsifal to our time in ways accessible to us all, particularly the [16-17-years-old] age group he was teaching.'
-- Helen Branton, The Steiner Store


Charles Kovacs was born in Austria. He left his native country in 1938 at the time of the Anschluss and joined the British Army in East Africa. After the War, he settled in Britain, and in 1956 he took over a class at the Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh, where he remained a class teacher until his retirement in 1976. He died in 2001. His extensive lesson notes have been a useful and inspiring resource material for many teachers.

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