Finding the Way to Faraway Valley

Cecilia Heikkila

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  • A charming story, full of warmth and heart, about a long-planned voyage to a very special place
  • A celebration of adventure, nature and the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren
  • Gently explores the need to protect and preserve wild spaces and natural habitats
  • Gorgeous illustrations full of striking colours and textures perfectly evoke the excitement of the journey and the wonder of vast natural landscapes

Grandpa and Little Bear go on a voyage to try to find Faraway Valley. But does this beautiful, special place still exist? A heart-warming, stunningly illustrated picture book adventure with a message of preserving nature.

280 x 215 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
40 pages
Publication date:
21 Sep 2023


Grandpa and Little Bear share a dream to visit Faraway Valley -- a special, hard-to-find place full of wild and wonderful creatures, a place where the air smells of pine needles, a place they've only seen on a postcard.

The determined pair study maps, read books and practice camping to prepare for their adventure, then set sail for the long journey. But when they arrive in the north, they find a bustling port full of shops, where everyone seems to have forgotten about Faraway Valley. Does the beautiful place of their dreams still exist, and can they find it?

A magical, heart-warming tale of wonder and adventure, this moving picture book gently explores themes of celebrating nature and respecting wild landscapes. Cecilia Heikkilä's stunning artwork is full of texture, colour and character.


'A restrained, lyrical tone makes Faraway Valley magical for readers[...] A beautifully illustrated picture book with an environmental theme.'

'Delicately lovely watercolor, gouache, pastel, and digital illustrations capture our planet’s fragile beauty. The book's message, a gentle clarion call to protect Earth’s wild spaces, should be heard globally, in every language. Faraway Valley is closer to home than we may realize, and we must all protect it.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'A story of wonder and adventure. It explores themes of celebrating nature and respecting wild landscapes through the eyes of Grandpa and Little Bear.'
-- Kindling

'A timely tale about the need to protect and preserve wild spaces.'
-- School Library Journal

'A magical, heart-warming tale of wonder and adventure.'
-- Play to Learn with Katy (Instagram)

'A beautifully illustrated intergenerational story about adventure and the celebration of nature and wilderness.'
-- TheKidsBookstagrammer (Instagram)

'A heartwarming narrative of adventure and inter generational relationships, while emphasizing the need to conserve nature[...] The bears' rediscovery of their connection to nature, upon reaching the valley, is genuinely uplifting. The combination of a profound conservation message with mesmerizing visuals, this book serves as an urgent call to appreciate and safeguard our natural treasures.'
-- Storybook Mama (Instagram)

'Their journey is filled with hope, new friendships, and lots of wonder. Not only that, but it encourages and promotes love for nature and the desire to protect it. It is a heartwarming story, and I recommend it with all my heart.'
-- Our World of Wonder (Instagram)

'A book for all nature lovers, a book to make us stop and think and change our ways. It's a stunning must read.'
-- Busy Busy Learning (Instagram)


Cecilia Heikkilä is a Swedish graphic designer, author and illustrator. She is the creator of several acclaimed picture books, many featuring themes of nature and animals, including Badger's Journey and A Christmas Sweater for Nina. She lives in Dalarna, Sweden with her dog, Mochi.

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