The Blitz Next Door

Cathy Forde

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  • A vivid adventure story centred around the devastating events of the Clydebank Blitz
  • This mysterious, almost spooky novel brings details of the Second World War to life for eight to eleven year olds

Pete's new house in Clydebank near Glasgow would be fine if it wasn't for the girl next door crying all the time. Except, there is no house next door. A vivid adventure story based on the Clydebank Blitz of 1941.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
176 pages
Publication date:
16 Jul 2015
2nd edition


Pete has never even heard of Clydebank in Scotland, but when his dad finds a new job at last, Pete finds himself leaving his home in London overnight. There are advantages to his new life, including a massive new bedroom and his first ever garden, complete with a real-life bomb shelter. He'd even be ok with the sound of the girl next door crying all the time -- except that there is no house next door...

Pete makes two new friends: Dunny, who knows all about the Second World War, and Beth, the girl next door who somehow seems to come from it. He slowly realises that Beth has returned from the 1940s for a reason. But does Pete have the courage to step into the past to solve a mystery that's over seventy years old?

Critically acclaimed children's author Cathy Forde presents a vivid adventure story based on the events of the Clydebank Blitz of 1941.


'The story unfolds naturally, with enough tension to maintain readers’ interest and enough credibility to carry the plot.'
-- Kirkus

'An author who never disappoints.'
-- The Independent

'Catherine Forde's novels have the emotional impact of a clenched fist to the stomach.'
-- Achuka

'Eerie, exciting and emotional. I absolutely loved it.'
-- Andy Stanton, author

'There's drama and laughs, in fact everything you want in a book: delicious language, special characters and above all a story you won't forget.'
-- Graham Marks, author

'Another fantastically brilliant book by the fantastically brilliant Cathy Forde. The Blitz Next Door is simply perfect. Every word is a joy to read. No one writes like Cathy Forde -- she is, quite simply, the best.'
-- Kevin Brooks

'Blitz Next Door is not just about World War II and time travel, but about suffering, family, and friendship. It is sure to appeal to readers who are interested in quiet, emotional tales.'
-- Foreword Reviews

'A fascinating blend of realistic/historical fiction, fantasy and mystery. The way the author weaves her story makes even the supernatural parts almost believable. I can see this book being popular with my upper primary readers.'
-- Goodreads


Cathy Forde is a prolific Scottish writer, who worked as a secondary-school English teacher before becoming an author. Her best-known book is Fat Boy Swim, which won the Grampian Award. She teaches creative writing workshops and was a writer-in-residence at Scottish Book Trust.

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