Millennial Vegan

Tips for Navigating Relationships, Wellness and Everyday Life as a Young Animal Advocate

Casey T. Taft

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  • Full of tips and insight from an experienced vegan
  • Written with the needs of young vegans particularly in mind

A brilliant resource book for young vegans to help them look after themselves, communicate with peers and really make a difference in their veganism.

216 x 140 mm
Vegan Publishers
Philosophy of Human Life;
112 pages
Publication date:
20 Apr 2017


Millennials -- that is, people aged roughly between 16 and 35 -- have been dealt a difficult hand by previous generations. Nonetheless, millennials are increasingly able to see through and past the 'norms' that they have inherited, including the treatment of non-human animals. Millennials make up nearly half of the current vegan population in America.

If you're a millennial vegan, you'll know, however, that it isn't always easy. This book is a great resource that will give you lots of tips and insight into challenges such as maintaining your personal wellbeing, communicating with (sometimes unsupportive) peers, being an advocate for veganism and really making a difference.


Dr Casey T. Taft is Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, and is a dedicated vegan. He has published two other books, Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy: A Clinical Psychology Perspective and Trauma-Informed Treatment and Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence.

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