Black Tide

Caroline Clough

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Toby must undertake a perilous mission across a post-apocalyptic Scotland to find his kidnapped dad and sister. The sequel to Red Fever.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
256 pages
Publication date:
24 May 2012
Red Fever


Shortlisted for the Scottish Children's Book Award 2013

Toby's dad and little sister have been kidnapped by pirates, and Toby is left alone in the aftermath of the terrible Red Fever epidemic, which has wiped out much of the world's population. Menacing tribes of super-intelligent dogs are gaining ever more ground in Scotland, moving northwards. A mysterious figure called The General is leading a group of villains who are kidnapping people and imprisoning them in a place he calls New Caledonia. But where is this New Caledonia and what does The General plan to do with his captives?

Toby sets out on a perilous mission to find New Caledonia and, he hopes, his family. He befriends a Russian girl whose family have also been taken. Together they sail to Inverness and down the Caledonian Canal, and trudge through the snowy Highlands, until they reach Stirling Castle for the dramatic final showdown. But in a freezing cold winter, with vicious dogs, wolves and pirates on the rampage, will they make it in time?

This is the dramatic sequel to Red Fever, which won the Kelpies Prize.


'This is a fascinating series -- fast-paced and with characters you can care about ... I can't wait for the next book!'

'An action-packed read for girls and boys.'
-- Recommended Reads 2012, Children's Book Festival Ireland

'Black Tide was my favourite book because it is spectacular and detailed. This book is the greatest book I have ever read'
--Ceigan, aged 10, Castletown Primary

'Black Tide is a fantastic book. Read it, or you haven't lived! '
--Mark, aged 11, Flora Stevenson Primary School

Caroline Clough creates an amazing atmosphere that engages all readers in this amazing page turner of a book!'
--Kristina, aged 10, Law Primary School


Caroline Clough was born and raised in Yorkshire but lived in rural Aberdeenshire for thirty years. She now lives in London. Her first novel for children, Red Fever, won the Kelpies Prize and her second, Black Tide, was shortlisted for the Scottish Children's Book Awards.


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Black Tide(eBook edition)

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Red Fever(eBook edition)

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