The Tomtes of Hilltop Wood

Brenda Tyler

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  • A charming story inspired by Elsa Beskow's stories of little folk.
  • The Tomtes of Hilltop Wood will teach children about the importance of preserving the environment.

Emily and Jamie hear that a new road will be built through their favourite old wood. Can they stop the project with the help of some little Tomte friends?

220 x 302 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
23 Sep 2010


When Emily and Jamie hear that a new road will be built through Hilltop Wood, they rush to warn their friends, the Tomtes. Tomtes are very special creatures who guard the oldest woods. With the children's help, they immediately set about saving their home.

When the workmen arrive, unexpected obstacles appear in their way: the rocks they need to move are much bigger than they remembered; their digging machines are flooded; a stream mysteriously changes direction over night. Maybe they won't be able to build this road after all...

This is a charming picture book inspired by Elsa Beskow's classic stories of little folk.


'The best part is the clashing of the old, fairy tale forest and its little folk with the modern machinery, all painted in beautiful, fresh and atmospheric colours. The readers (children aged 4 to 7) are led into the secret and really get the feeling they are saving Hilltop Wood with the Tomtes.'
--Corinna Spellerberg, Education Otherwise

'A lovely tale on why some things are always worth fighting for.'
--Creative Steps

'This story makes a perfect introduction to environmental issues for young children ... There are opportunities to talk about habitats and the need to take care of the environment... A lot of the story is left to the imagination of the reader, opening up many creative possibilities and drawing upon emerging storytelling skills.'
-- EYE (Early Years Educator) Magazine

'The story mixes elements of reality with an imaginary world in a powerful message. There are occasions when the environment needs to be protected. The delightful twist here is that nature gets her own way by confusing her perceived enemies. It is endearing to have two young children concerned with the conservation of a nearby wood and the story lends itself to a follow up discussion of the preservation of the environment ... Towards the end of the book, Brenda Tyler encourages children to search for the 'Tomtes', in the illustrations. This is an inspired technique and activity to employ for young readers. Children will love participating and teachers will be pleased to promote visual discrimination.'
-- Armadillo


Brenda Tyler was born in London and grew up in the New Forest in southern England and her love of trees and woodland flourished from there. She was also inspired from early childhood by Elsa Beskow's classic stories of little folk living almost unseen in the landscape. She started producing Tomte greeting cards, which led to writing The Tomtes of Hilltop Wood. She lives in York, England and is involved in the York Steiner School.


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