Spirit Healing

Bob Woodward; Foreword by Hugh Gayer

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Examines the nature of different forms of healing, the role of the healer, and the indications that Steiner provided for a deeper understanding of the spiritual world and our relationship with it.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Holistic Health; Mind, Body, Spirit
160 pages
Publication date:
27 May 2004


-- Is spiritual healing a reality? Does it work?
-- What are the different methods of healing?
-- Includes moving individual stories of healing

Through the work of renowned healers such as Harry Edwards, many more people now turn to spiritual healing for help with a wide variety of physical ailments. Individual healers often attract interest in the media and, on the level of sustained research and practice, a number of centres are now established in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Bob Woodward has many years of experience of therapeutic work using approaches based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, and has both studied and practised spiritual healing. In this clear and revealing account, he examines the nature of different forms of healing, and the role of the healer. The book includes many individual stories of healing which movingly illustrate the principles being discussed.

Table of Contents

1. Spiritual Healing -- Contact and Distant
2. Steiner's Anthroposophy
3. Spiritual Science and Spiritual Healing
4. Spiritual, Psychic, and Magnetic Healing
5. The Work of the Healer
6. Further Considerations
7. Spirit Guides and Helpers
8. Competence and Training
Appendix 1: Some Healing Methods
Appendix 2: Further Extracts from Steiner
Selected Literature on Spiritual Healing
Useful Addresses


'Presents all aspects of spirit healing in a sensitive and proficient way. On reading this excellently written book in one go, I can whole-heartedly recommend it, not only to those seeking help through spirit healing but also to all healing professionals and seekers of the truth.'
-- Johannes M. Surkamp, Camphill Correspondence, July 2005

'This is a book that works on many levels and because of this will appeal to anyone interested in spiritual healing, from those just discovering their healing abilities to accredited healers. For those starting out, this book will help to explain the healing process simply and effectively. For the experienced healer the book may provide an interesting alternative perspective.'
-- Linda Clark, Light: Review of Spiritual and Psychic Knowledge, Winter 2004

'As well as giving an introduction to Steiner's thoughts on the subject of spiritual, psychic and magnetic healing, Bob Woodward gives an anecdotal account of his own healing work. An important chapter also considers the relevance of competence and training.'
-- Inner Light, Autumn 2004

'Spirit Healing is an excellent general introduction to the topic for someone new to the field ... I found this book particularly helpful in contextualising the ideas of Steiner within the field of spirit healing as a whole.'
-- Kenneth Mullen, Perspectives, September - November 2006


Bob Woodward has been active within the healing profession, living with and educating children with special educational needs, for over thirty years. He is a full-healer member of the Bristol District Association of Healers and also of the World Federation of Healing. He lives with his wife, three sons and two daughters at the Sheiling School Camphill Community in Thornbury, near Bristol. He is also the author of Autism: A Holistic Approach (Floris Books, 2000).

Dr Hugh Gayer is the Medical Officer at the Sheiling School, Bristol.

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