Science and the Paranormal

Altered States of Reality

Arthur J. Ellison; Foreword by David Fontana

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Argues that we need to recognize the limits of the current scientific world view and take account of the paranormal, including parapsychology and out-of-body experiences.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life
384 pages
Publication date:
22 Aug 2002


In facts, not fiction, this book presents the case for the paranormal.

Changing the way we look at the universe is not easy, and requires a true openness to exploration and experiment. Professor Ellison suggests that most of us are conditioned by our Western science-based education to think that the universe is much simpler and "material" than it really is.

He argues that we should recognize the limits of the current scientific worldview which fails to account for genuine paranormal experiences, including phenomena such as out-of-body experiences (OBE), reliably reported by thousands of people.

In honestly exploring these areas, rather than denying them, he argues we could look more deeply into the real nature of human existence.


'A most valuable work and a lasting testimony to the author's remarkable contribution to the field. It covers a wide range of topics and so provides a very useful introduction for newcomers. For seasoned investigators it provides an intimacy and level and personal insight which a more pedagogical treatment would lack.'
-- Bernard Carr, Scientific and Medical Network Review, Winter 2003

'Written for the lay person in down-to-earth language ... this book is for those who want a broad-brush of matters like the evidence for telepathy, near death experiences, survival research etc without having to plough through a century-high stack of scientific papers. A welcome introduction to human nature's further reaches.'
-- Christian Parapsychologist

'Excellent and compelling reading.'
-- Greenock Telegraph

'Absorbing and thought-provoking ... an unusual mixture of scientific textbook and autobiography.'
-- Guy Lyon Playfair, Light

'A very refreshing and factual tone.'
-- Breathe Magazine, Autumn 2002


Arthur Ellison was a distinguished voice in paranormal research and Emeritus Professor of engineering at the City University in London. He joined the Society for Psychical Research in 1955 and was twice president of the Society. Once drawn towards a paranormal phenomenon, he had the engineer's skill to explore it with carefully designed experiments. He stressed the need for scientists not only to study psychic events in others, but to try to develop those experiences in themselves. He himself underwent OBE's, lucid dreaming and clairvoyant episodes. He ran a training course in parapsychology each summer at Loughborough University and published widely in engineering and in psychical research. He died in 2000. This book is published in honour of his life's work.

David Fontana is the author of more than 20 books on areas such as meditation, dreams and personal development. Currently he is Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Cardiff University and Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. His books have been translated into 26 languages.

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