The Ever Changing Garden

Man's Search for Harmony in Garden Design

Arne Klingborg; Translated by Lois Olivier and Joan Rudel

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A beautiful large-scale illustrated book depicting different aspects of garden history and design.

296 x 225 mm
Lanthorn Press
Biodynamics & Organics
185 colour illustrations
184 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 1988


This beautiful large-scale book was born out of a Swedish art exhibition of paintings and canvases depicting different aspects of garden history and design.

Arne Klingborg and a large group of collaborators -- including professional gardeners, farmers, artists, architects, sculptors and scientists -- became fascinated with the history of gardens, their relationship to their environment, and garden design. They started making studies of various gardens and parks and became intimately acquainted with their features, architecture, purposes and motifs.

Eventually they decided to portray a history of gardening through many large-scale canvases, which formed the basis of the Stockholm exhibition.

This is a colourful and inspiring book which includes chapters on form and order, pleasure gardens, fragrance, fruits and flowing water, meadows and allotments, and the language of nature.

Table of Contents

The Beautiful and the Useful
The Earthly Paradise
The Holy Groves of the Gods
The Pleasure Garden
Roses and Lillies
Bringing Form to Nature's Richness
Beauty through Order
Painters, Poets, Master-Gardeners
The Garden as Temple
Fragrance, Fruits, Flowing Water
The Mysterious Language of Nature
The Landscape as a Garden
The Pleasure of Collecting and Classifying
The Meadow, Bestower of Joy and Nourishment
How to Paint with Floewrs and make Stones Grow
Nymphs in the Garden -- are there such Beings?
How to create Oases within a Threatened Environment
The Farm as a Garden
Our Well-Loved Allotment Garden
Vegetable and Pleasure Gardens Today

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