The Underground City

Anne Forbes


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Also available as part of a three-book ebook omnibus of books 1, 2 and 3 in the Dragonfire series.

  • Clara and Neil discover there are magical creatures living in Edinburgh
  • A breathtaking tale of magic and nightmare
  • The third book in the acclaimed Dragonfire fantasy series set in Scotland

The third book in the Dragonfire series, featuring the adventures of Clara and Neil Maclean, is set against the backdrop of the spooky Mary King's Close in Edinburgh.

Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
272 pages
Publication date:
29 Nov 2013


Set against the backdrop of the spooky Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, Neil and Clara find themselves embroiled with ghosts, super heroes and bank robbers -- not to mention a Christmas pantomime.

This is the third installment of their continuing adventures with their dragon, as monsters and mayhem return in a breathtaking tale of magic and nightmare.


'Mischievous fantasy for children (and adults!)'
-- Stewart Peterson, The Greenock Telegraph

'A lively tale of magic for younger readers.'
-- The Scots Magazine, July 2008

'Oozes magic, mystery and adventure'.
-- Sandra Dick, Edinburgh Evening News

'I thought that the book was both adventurous and fantasy. It was very enjoyable and entertaining. It was too exciting to put down... I had my little sister read the first chapter, when I checked on her she was already reading chapter four!'
-- Billie Ferguson, Forrester High School, for Teen Titles Magazine

'The book was both magical and realistic... my little brother is 11 and he loved this book.'
Andrew Small, Forrester High School, writing for Teen Titles Magazine


Anne Forbes was born in Edinburgh and trained as a teacher. In 1966 she moved to Kuwait and worked for many years at an Anglo-American School. She is married with one daughter and now divides her time between homes in Scotland and Kuwait.


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