You Can't Play Here!

A Scottish Bagpipe Story

Angus Corby

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Young Gregor MacDonald is thrilled when he gets a set of bagpipes for his birthday. But each time he plays, people cry, 'You can't play here!'. Where can Gregor practise?

254 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Picture Kelpies
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
22 Apr 2010
Picture Kelpies


Young Gregor MacDonald is thrilled when he gets a set of bagpipes for his birthday. Now he can be just like Grandad. But each time he starts to play, an awful noise sounds, Honk-eeyyoww! And each time, he hears the same angry cry, 'You can't play here!'

Poor Gregor goes from house, to loch, to barn and to hillside disturbing people, until he finds acceptance in the most unlikely of places.


'A lovely book with true Scottish flair that will be appreciated by both parents and children (especially parents who have had the joys of having a child in the beginning stages of learning an instrument).'
-- Armadillo

'... an amusing story, just packed with the beauty and wilderness of Scotland, the illustrations in soft watercolour enhancing each event as we follow Gregor. This book should do especially well across the border, but will touch the heart of anyone who loves Scotland.'
-- Books for Keeps, September 2010.


Angus Corby is a landscape architect who lives in Fife. Reading to his three daughters inspired him to illustrate and write a picture book for children. His grandfather was once a piper for the Duke of Hamilton and told many a good tale of his days playing at events across Scotland. Young Angus wanted to learn the bagpipes himself but discovered what a painful process it can be -- especially for everyone around him. Perseverence paid off, however and he's a proficient piper.


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Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles by Tim Archold, also in the Picture Kelpies range

You Can't Play Here! is in Floris Books' range of Picture Kelpie Scottish children's picture books. Parents of young children might also enjoy the dedicated Picture Kelpies website. Download and print out games, colouring and jokes for your children based on Picture Kelpie favourites, and find out more about these quality Scottish picture books to enjoy together.

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