Mani, the Angel and the Column of Glory

An Anthology of Manichean Texts

Edited by Andrew Welburn

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Brings together some of the fragmented texts of Manicheism, one of the major religions for over 1000 years, and uncovers its links to Christianity.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
320 pages
Publication date:
01 Oct 1998


Manicheism, based on the teachings and revelations of the third-century Persian mystic, Mani, was for over 1000 years one of the major religions, rivalling Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Its widespread influence is found in Eastern and Western thought alike, from Tibetan Buddhism to the young Augustine of Hippo.

Twentieth-century archaeology has restored to us a number of their books, often of great artistic beauty, in which the Manicheans embodied their knowledge. This book brings together some of the fragmented texts with a commentary that chronicles the new light now being thrown on the relationship between Mani's 'religion of light' and Christianity.


'The book contains some wonderful passages with an informative commentary showing up the relationship between Christianity and Mani's "religion of light".'
-- Network, April 1999


Andrew Welburn taught at the University of London, has been a Fellow of the Warburg Institute and taught at New College, Oxford, until 2005. He is author of several books on the Romantic tradition, and also of The Beginnings of Christianity, and Gnosis: The Mysteries and Christianity.

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