Water Crystals

Making the Quality of Water Visible

Andreas Schulz; Translated by Christian von Arnim

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Uses beautiful crystal photographs to reveal the characteristics of different types of water.

240 x 208 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World
over 180 colour photographs
192 pages
Publication date:
28 Apr 2005


-- Quality of water is a major issue for the twenty-first century
-- Shows how different types of water have different characteristics
-- Makes water properties visible through beautiful crystal photographs

The quality of our water, especially our drinking water, is becoming an increasingly important issue. In this book, Andreas Schulz uses a ground-breaking photographic process to make the quality of different types of water instantly visible to the non-specialist.

Through his crystal pictures, he demonstrates that water from different locations, treated in different ways, has substantially different characteristics. Mountain spring water has a different quality from water found in a metropolitan system, or in an old well, for example. Water is affected by whether it flows freely, or is channelled through straight pipes.

Using water samples from many parts of the world, this remarkable and beautiful book provides a unique insight into the world of water, its life cycles, its nature and structures.


'The book is written in straightforward language and should provide sufficient material for anyone interested in water quality and the use of this essential resource world wide.'
-- Jeff Sanderson, Light magazine, Summer 2006

'This book deserves the wider readership that this new English version will provide. It goes beyond science to deal with the energy content of water and other influences almost spiritual in nature. But, after all, water is the ultimate life force.'
-- Michael Prater, Chemistry World, March 2006

'A fascinating book which builds on the research of Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander while introducing a new photographic process.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, Summer 2005

'The work of Schulz and others like Masaru Emoto has universal significance. It is just possible that their techniques for making the quality of water visible will be precisely what is needed to persuade the world to care enough to do something about water: not just about fair provision, but also its inherent quality as a medium of life. Full of wonderful colour pictures.'
-- Paul Carline, New View, Summer 2005.

'This book is a shining addition to new research revealing water's ability to record the nature of substance … The water crystal photos in this book are incredibly beautiful; Schulz's scientific research on water, as well as his travels to explore the world's waters is mesmirizing. I often inhale books at one sitting - I am still drinking in this one and find that it quenches a great thirst.'
-- Lilipoh, Autumn 2007


Andreas Schulz was born in 1965. He founded a research institute for the production of natural remedies, and developed the water crystal method as a diagnostic tool for quality analysis. He is also the co-founder of a water crystal research laboratory in the United States. He lives in Tübingen, Germany.

You can also visit the author's own website at www.hagalis.de


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