A Billion Balloons of Questions

Amy B. Moreno; Illustrated by Carlos Velez

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  • A funny, quirky story about curiosity and exploration from Scottish author Amy Moreno, told in English and with Spanish words and phrases reflecting Eva's Peruvian heritage and bilingual home
  • Contains emotional learning messages about the importance of questions -- encouraging children to ask them (even if they seem difficult or unimportant), finding answers together and accepting that sometimes questions don't have a right answer
  • Bold, colourful artwork from Mexican illustrator Carlos Velez brings life and character to the story with imaginatively shaped balloons representing Eva's multitude of questions -- from llamas to space rockets and rainbows
  • The perfect picture book for inquisitive, busy young minds as the story gently reminds children to try not to get overwhelmed by their many thoughts and questions
  • Grown-ups will chuckle at Eva's familiar, endless curiosity whilst children will love the fun illustrations and quirky questions, from "What can I do about all the plastic in the ocean?" to "Dónde está Peru?"

Eva's life is full of big balloons of questions that she carries around all day -- until she finds the answer she's looking for. A humorous and heart-warming bilingual story about young children's natural curiosity -- with warm and vibrant illustrations.

250 x 270 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
28 pages
Publication date:
16 Jun 2022


From the moment six-year-old Eva wakes up, her day is full of questions. Her Peruvian Papá says she has billions of questions, but really Eva has balloons full of questions that she carries around until she can find the answers.

She has big questions like "What can I do about all the plastic in the ocean?" and small questions like "Dónde está Peru?" She has bright questions: "¿Los unicornios existen?" and warm questions: "Could I invent a hug that would last all day long?" She has funny questions like "Do bats get dizzy hanging upside down?" and confusing questions: "Why are oranges orange?!"

Sometimes Eva's bunch of balloons grows so big that it feels overwhelming, but she's learning that it can take time to find out all the answers, and that's OK.

This funny and heart-warming story by Scottish author Amy Moreno inventively captures the joy and busyness of young children's minds and encourages families to ask questions -- even when they don't have the answers. Coming from a bilingual family, Amy gives authentic insight into how Eva communicates, with a lively story in English and Spanish. Mexican illustrator Carlos Velez's wonderfully vivid artwork is full of warmth and humour.


'This book should be on every school, library and home bookshelf where there is a curious, enquiring young mind around. It's a gorgeous edition with bright, rich illustrations that children will absolutely adore. As an adult, it's funny and sweet to recognise the busy brains of children you might know in the book's main character, Eva. And for children it gently encourages those questions, showing them that even though some questions might not have a straightforward answer, that it's always okay to ask, and to express what's on your mind - even if it might feel silly. The insight into a bilingual home is also wonderful. I love this book - I loved sharing it with my own kid, and I know that children everywhere will connect with Eva and love it too.'
-- Katharine Orton, author of Nevertell and Glassheart

'With a deft touch, Moreno tackles childhood curiosity, emotional learning, and a bit of science... Vélez’s creative portrayal of Eva’s accumulation of questions adds visual humor. The colorful, whimsical balloons bob and weave from frame to frame, mirroring Eva’s endearing impatience… A buoyant tribute to a child’s inquisitiveness and the family that encourages it.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

‘This bilingual book is colourful , heartwarming and fun. Eva is a lovely character and an easily relatable one to bilingual children.’
-- KidsBookstagrammer, Instagram

'Many children will relate to this book - all of those questions that POP into their heads! I think it is fantastic the way it is explained - visually so brilliant. We have had many many many more questions thanks to this book and we have been researching lots of the answers in the book.'
-- PosiesBookClub, Instagram

'It’s wonderfully and cleverly written in bilingual style Spanish and English, but it’s also very original in its concept and illustrations style. The end papers are particularly beautiful with lots of details and beautiful bright colours… A wonderful book to marvel over, again and again.'
-- Siena'sLittleLibrary, Instagram

'The pictures are bright and colorful and I like that her questions are drawn in different shaped balloons. I think that kids my age will enjoy this story because kids have lots of questions they wonder about.'
-- Lydia, Age 8, Kids' Book Buzz

'Perfect for kiddos that have ALL the questions!'
-- WhatWeAreReading, Instagram

'A book that encourages children to ask the right questions – namely, their questions, for when they're that age no question is a wrong one.'
-- Edelweiss review

'It is wonderful to discover a bilingual book suitable for young people which also provides cultural insight and offers greater diversity than more Eurocentric equivalents. A beautiful book - would highly recommend.'
-- Goodreads review

'I’ve read this book before bed with my littles a few times and we LOVED it!'
-- Ohthebookswelove, Instagram

'What's brilliant about this book is the carefully interwoven bilingual aspect. The balloon illustrations are wonderful and make a great fun talking point. A lovely book that we'd highly recommend. Something a little different from the normal books we get from the publisher Floris and we'd certainly love to see more of this bilingual style of story. It's a great way to get children excited about languages, learning about other cultures and appreciating different families.'
-- BusyBusyLearning, Instagram

'There are questions in actual balloons throughout the whole book which makes it so fun to read (and most times the questions even match the balloon shape!).'
-- RaisingReadersToBecomeLeaders, Instagram


Amy B. Moreno writes poetry and fiction for adults and children. She grew up in Scotland, but speaks fluent Spanish and spent four years working with a charity in Peru. Her professional background is working with vulnerable children, young people and women, and in interpreting and translation. She currently lives in Edinburgh with her young family. Her first picture book, A Billion Balloons of Questions, is inspired by her Scottish-Peruvian children and the experience of living in a bilingual household.

Carlos Vélez is an award-winning children's illustrator from Mexico. Born and raised in Mexico City, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Carlos is the illustrator of over twenty books for children including Sleeping with the Light On and Three Lines and a Circle. He lives in Coyoacán, Mexico.

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