Florina and the Wild Bird

Illustrated by Alois Carigiet; Selina Chönz

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Florina finds a tiny wild bird and takes it home to care for it. When the bird grows up and wants to fly, Florina must decide whether to keep it or release it back into the mountains.

216 x 279 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
22 Jan 2009


Florina lives in a valley in the Swiss Alps with her mother, father and brother Ursli. One day, while walking in the mountains, she finds a tiny bird who has lost its mother and takes it home to care for it. Florina and the wild bird soon become best friends -- she makes food for it using her dolly tea-set and gives it a special basket to sleep in.

When the bird grows up, its wings get bigger and it wants to fly. Florina must decide whether to keep the bird with her or release it back into the mountains.

This is another beloved Swiss children's story from the illustrator of A Bell for Ursli.


'With a slightly 'old fashioned' feel to it, this book is a delightful traditional story featuring full page colourful artwork which illustrates the tale perfectly.'
-- Family Interest Magazine, March/April 2009

'Have you grown up with Alois Carigiet's charming children's books? Have you given these books to your chidlren or grandchildren and felt a bit sad that their German wasn't good enough to read the books themselves? Well, now both books are available in English!'
-- Helvetia Magazine, April 2009


Alois Carigiet (1902-1985) was born in the Graubünden mountains in Switzerland. Alpine mountains became a central theme of his art, which included murals and graphic design as well as illustration. He is one of Switzerland's most popular painters and won numerous awards, including the New York Times Choice of Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year 1953 and the coveted gold medal of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1966. He is the illustrator of A Bell for Ursli (Floris Books, 2007).

You can also visit the author's own website at http://www.carigiet.net

Selina Chönz (1910-2000) was a poet from the Engadine valley in the Swiss Graubünden mountains. She wrote the text for several Alois Carigiet books, including A Bell for Ursli, Florina and the Wild Bird, and The Snowstorm.


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